Lights, Optics, Retention: The New T-Series From Blackhawk Holsters — SHOT Show 2023

Blackhawk’s new T-Series holsters offer a high-grip extraction and a retention button for security.

Blackhawk Holsters’ new Made-In-America T-Series holsters offer level two retention but are low-profile enough to still let you get a high grip when you extract your handgun. And it’s made in both full-sized and carry-sized models.

Its open-top design means the T-Series accepts slide-mounted red dots with ease, and there are options for rail-mounted lights.

Your fully-outfitted pistol will probably work with this holster. And it still has a retention button that is disengaged with your thumb as you naturally grasp your pistol.

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This button disengages with your thumb to allow your pistol to come free of the holster.
The top of the holster is open enough that slide-mounted optics will fit.

Made from injection-molded polymer, they are finished with an extra smooth interior for low friction and less noise.

The T-Series holsters are outside-the-waistband only and include both belt loops or a quick-release belt loop. You can get it for left- or right-handed wear and the belt loops are adjustable for all kinds of cant options.

Lots of cant options and it comes in right- or left-handed models.
This is a screenshot of the pistols currently supported in the L2C carry-sized holster.

Blackhawk’s T-Series holsters are currently available for a wide variety of pistols, both carry- and full-sized. MSRP starts at $65.

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