Need an M56 Smartgun from ‘Aliens’? Here’s How to Get One

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Need an M56 Smartgun from 'Aliens'? Here's How to Get One
Whatever you’re gonna do, do it fast. These are limited editions. (Photo: Aliens)

Collectible specialist Sideshow is taking pre-orders for M56 Smartguns from the genre-defining hit film “Aliens.” Of course these are just props, they aren’t really Smartguns, but they’re life-sized and ship straight to your door.

In the Alien universe, the M56 Smartgun is a 10mm man-portable machine gun that works with a carry harness and headset that aims by tracking the user’s eye movement. The Alien movies are full from start to finish with amazingly cool sci-fi tech but these machine guns are true standouts.

The prop M56 doesn’t come with the carry arm or harness, so people looking to dress up like space Marines will have to do some of their own costume work, but having the machine gun gets most of the hard work out of the way.

Need an M56 Smartgun from 'Aliens'? Here's How to Get One
Sideshow has a whole collection of licensed replica props from Aliens. (Photo: Sideshow)

As a standalone piece it’s hard to beat. One of these on top of a gun wall isn’t an M56 gone to waste at all. Collectors of all sorts are going to want to get one of these.

Not all of them will. This is a limited run and these detailed replicas don’t come cheaply. The pre-order price for one M56 Smartgun is $1,200.

At a time when real firearms and ammo command a price premium, laying hands on an M56 Smartgun replica could represent a tough decision. Good thing it’s not the only replica option from Sideshow.

Need an M56 Smartgun from 'Aliens'? Here's How to Get One
A closeup of the detail work on the M56. (Photo: Sideshow)

Sideshow has a wide range of Alien props and models beyond these M56 replicas including replica pulse rifles as well as M240 Incinerator flamethrowers from the Alien series.

The pulse rifle and the flamethrower are available in numbers and cost quite a bit less. They’re not cheap at $600 and $800 but for a fraction of the price, they’re a lot easier to make a case for since, like the M56, they’re basically toys for movie fans.

The work on these Alien props is outstanding and fully licensed by the film’s team. These are professionally made props with great attention to detail down to the “adios” on the side of the machine gun.

Need an M56 Smartgun from 'Aliens'? Here's How to Get One
Maybe a bit more reasonable, the pulse rifle from Aliens is also available. (Photo: Sideshow)

The pulse rifle and flamethrower are available now. Sideshow expects to ship M56 Smartguns starting in May or June.

These replica props will eventually sell out, so if you’re inclined to pick one up you’ll have to hurry, or keep your fingers crossed.

For more information about these and other props, toys and gifts from a ton of different franchises check out the Sideshow website.

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  • galen t saunders January 21, 2021, 9:46 pm

    hello,any idea when the smartgun will be available? i need it lol

  • I Liked the Alien Movie April 27, 2020, 7:33 am

    It’s too bad the pulse rifle does not shoot any real ammo. That would be a fun thing to use at the shooting range.

  • Edward M Pate April 24, 2020, 8:43 am

    If it comes with Pvt. Vasquez too I’ll take one! Man that gal has some bodacious Ta-Ta’s

    • Ej harbet April 24, 2020, 5:08 pm

      24k yummy

    • Boomer April 26, 2020, 4:00 am

      Hate to disappoint you but…
      You’re not her “type.” Don’t count your chickens.
      Just hold out for the weapon and be happy. 😆

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