Meopta Hunting Scopes & Tactical Holosights – SHOT Show 2013

Meopta Sports Optics USA

By Brian Jensen

You may ask, “Who is Meopta?” It isn’t an optics brand that you don’t bump into much when you walk into a big box store, yet worldwide Meopta is considered to be in the top tier of optics, with the likes of Zeiss and Leopold. Meopta is an 80+ year old company based out of the Czech Republic that has made optics and related products for the likes of NASA. Over the last few years, after opening offices in the US, Meopta has gained a reputation in America for building some of highest quality and well thought out optics products in the market. Meopta designs, develops, and builds its own products, including their own reticles, glass, and tubes for their scopes. No outsourcing.
At SHOT, they introduced several new rifle scopes and two new holographic sights. In the video our host Julie Mac takes you through their flagship hunting scope, a 3.5-10 x 44 lightweight big game model that is extremely light and extremely high quality.

On the tactical side, I was able to check out two of their new holographic sights.
One for a main rifle sight, and the other serves as a small, “1 O’clock” or offset sight. The first sight I saw, was the Meopta ZD Tactic M-RAD. It’s a small, all metal system that has an about 1 ¼ ” by ¾” reflex sight. The sight has a 3 or 5 MOA dot, depending on model. Light intensity of the dot can be adjusted as well. The sight attached by a cam lever on any standard 1913 Picatinny Rail, which allows for easy mounting.

The unit felt very sturdy, with no plastic to be seen in the structure. In addition, the system has a single on-off switch that makes getting the sight into action quick. The system is very compact, possibly less than half the side of the name brand sights of the same design. The sight came with an accessory kit for maintaining the ZD Tactic. It helps you clean, adjust, or change batteries with the items in it. It is a fine demonstration of attention to detail. I thought the red dot was extremely easy to pick up, regardless of the small window.

The next item I got to see was the smaller, ZD Tactic M-RAD Micro. This is a far smaller sight for those backup, or off-set sights for your rifle, or handgun. They mount to any Doctor Optics Mount and are also very solid for their size. I would love to see someone make a dovetail adapter for this mount to use on a handgun’s existing sight dovetail. That way, these types of sights can be mounted without machining the slide. The Micro comes in both a 5 and 3 MOA dot. It is very lightweight and durable. The new sights will be priced to compete with similar systems. With the quality I see in these sights, they should stand toe to toe with the competition.

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  • Randy Johnson August 1, 2016, 11:42 am

    Meopta was my fav. I am no longer using it but it was really good

  • Gerry Washack January 27, 2016, 12:37 pm

    I just sighted in my Meopro 3.5x10x44mm scope on my CZ 550 full stock in 6.5×55 Swede. I am a true red blooded American and I have the most respect for Checz. products. 1.5″ groups at 200yds makes me gitty with satisfaction. Maybe another rifle so I can buy another Meopta scope?

  • Buddy Napier January 16, 2013, 2:42 pm

    I have had several of their scopes for the past 5-6 years. I treat them not so gently and usually have a rifle scoped with one in my truck on a daily basis !!! They are great quality and compare well to any other upper end scope I have ever had. They stand behind them and any issues I have had were resolved with a new replacement scope, with no questions asked. I would not ever hesitate to buy another one.

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