NOIR Episode 9: ‘LaSorte’s Last Stand’

NOIR is back!

The gun-culture lifestyle show featuring Colion Noir, Amy Robbins and Darren LaSorte (not sure whether he is a guest or a cohost now, but hey, either way, that’s cool).

Season 1, Part 2 begins with Episode 9: ‘LaSorte’s Last Stand.’

I watched the entire episode. I still think the show is lacking a coherent structure, and perhaps they’re still struggling to find their voice (you’ll hear talk about taking the show in a “new direction” which is tantamount to saying “yeah, we’re still figuring it out”).

Case in point, the LaSorte caricature in this episode. Yeah, I get it, they’re trying to be comedic, but from my perspective it just doesn’t hit.

It could be because LaSorte was portrayed in previous episodes as genuine dude with tactical know-how who emphasized range safety. Now, they’re intentionally portraying him as a loud, rather annoying, mall ninja.

The effect is weird, and makes what was an already overly scripted show all the more inauthentic.

What seems to work on Youtube with respect to gun-related programming is one of two formats (a) allow the host to be himself in a natural environment or setting (IraqVeteran8888, Hickok45, Dom Raso) or (b) create an over-the-top character or schtick (FPS Russia, Demolition Ranch). NOIR seems to be doing neither or both half-heartedly at the same time.

Yes, I like Colion Noir. I like his rants, his reviews and his complicated metaphors as much as the next gun owner. But translating the essence of Noir into a 20 minute program is proving to be a challenge.

Anyway, that’s my $.02.  What are your thoughts?  You like what you see?

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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