New Offerings from Norma – SHOT Show 2020

New Offerings from Norma - SHOT Show 2020
This year Norma has released three new offerings, to include a new load using their Bond Strike Bullets.

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This year at SHOT Show 2020, Norma Ammunition unveiled three cartridges meeting three different needs of the firearms community.

If you are unfamiliar with Norma, they are the U.S. branch of the Swedish company Ruag Ammotec.  They are known for making a huge variety of ammunition, all to a very high standard.  Their Swedish made brass alone is often sought out by people who reload precision ammunition.

New Offerings from Norma - SHOT Show 2020
If you are looking to hunt with your 6.5 Creedmoor, check out this new offering by Norma.

This year, per their customers’ request, they introduced a new round for their hunting line, the Bond Strike 6.5 Creedmoor.  While 6.5CM has been proven in the Precision Rifle community, many hunters have been wanting to use its incredible ballistics for hunting.  So Norma listened and brought forth their proven Bond Strike bullet, loaded now in 6.5CM.

Norma also supplies a lot of military and law enforcement agencies with ammunition.  Something that is important for training, especially in close quarters, is frangible ammunition, which is designed to expend all of its energy on a target and fragment into such small particles that it won’t endanger the shooter at close distances. 

This year they are introducing their new Range/Training frangible rounds in both .223 and 9mm.  The projectile is made of a polymer and copper blend, making them safe to shoot on steel, even at contact distances.

New Offerings from Norma - SHOT Show 2020
Norma’s new polymer copper blended projectiles make it safer to train indoors and at closer distances.

Lastly, Norma brought out a new self-defense round, their Monolithic Hollow Point in .380 Auto.  Using their monolithic copper technology, which has already been proven in their other self-defense loads, they are bringing new validity to the .380 round.  Giving shooters a good carry option with solid terminal performance.

New Offerings from Norma - SHOT Show 2020
Norma’s new .380 carry ammo offers consistent expansion with their monolithic copper hollow point.

While Norma’s new Bond Strike 6.5 Creedmoor will be available Q1, the Range/Training Frangible and .380 Monolithic Hollow Points will be available Q2.

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  • SeppW February 6, 2020, 6:57 pm

    Wonder why they won’t re-launch their full power 10mm cartridges?

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