WATCH: Rep. Henderson Slams Claims Against Women’s Ability to Use Firearms for Defense

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State Rep. Rachel Henderson (R) stood up for Maine women at a recent hearing, taking a firm stand against the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence.

The group had claimed that women lack the capability to effectively use firearms in self-defense scenarios.

“A woman stood before us, and told us in very fancy words that women don’t have the strength, the mental fortitude, the emotional fortitude to use a firearm in the face of their attacker,” Henderson argued.

She called this viewpoint “offensive and misogynistic.”

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“We have the ability to elevate women here and show them what their internal strength is and not turn them away from a tool that could potentially be life saving for them and their children,” Henderson continued.

Henderson, a Maine native, described local women as tough and versatile.

“I grew up here with a woman who could be a lady on Sunday and on Monday morning she’s splitting wood and hulling brush,” she said.

Henderson’s message was clear: “Let’s not degrade the women in this state and say that they’re not strong enough to be able to handle themselves in high intensity moments. Instead, let’s elevate the women in our state and empower them and encourage them to be the women that we’ve seen them be.”

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  • Big Dwane May 3, 2024, 1:04 pm

    Rep. Henderson is correct and the MCEDV is absolutely wrong. If the MCEDV actually believed that, then they as a group should be in the forefront of opposing women in combat positions in the U.S. Military and frontlines of our folks in Blue. How do they explain that? Many militaries and police forces have women in frontline roles. The MCEDV is a bigoted group, IMHO and extremely short sighted. That group would be the first to flee at the mere sight of any violence or cower in abject fear while the perp does anything the perp pleases with them. The best thing for that group would be to lock themselves into a room in isolation and never venture out.

  • paul I'll call you what I want/1st Amendment April 18, 2024, 7:51 am

    got a crap load of women here shooting people so………..
    unrelated, after seeing the trump jury questions i figure the only ones selected are the ones that are liars and therefor unreliable!

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