Sean Hannity to Brady Prez: How Would You Handle a Home Invader?

Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Brady Campaign president Dan Gross sat down to discuss gun rights in America earlier this week.

After the two found common ground on the obvious point that bad people shouldn’t have guns, Hannity posed a very clever question to Gross.

After establishing that Gross did not own a firearm, Hannity asked what Gross would do if someone broke into his home.

Like many gun-control advocates, Gross dodged the question by pointing to statistics that suggest the likelihood of a home invasion is very low and that it’s a calculated decision not to own a firearm.

Indeed it is.

But by the same token so is owning a fire extinguisher, wearing a seatbelt or knowing a basic life-saving technique like CPR. One can opt not to do any of that and play the odds that bad things won’t happen to them. But why? Why gamble when one can simply take the time to be prepared?

I’d be interested in hearing Gross’s answer to that. And, more specifically, I’d like for him to answer Hannity’s question. What would he do if a criminal entered his domicile?

I’d assume he’d phone the police, but while he waits for them to arrive, what is he going to do? Does he a knife? A bat? Some other self-defense implement? Does he even have a plan? What is Gross’ defense posture in the event of a home invader?

In any event, this is a teachable moment for anyone who has a anti-gunner for a friend or family member. Simply ask them what they’d do during a home invasion. I think the lack of a coherent and sensible answer might surprise them more than you.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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