Sig Sauer P227 .45ACP – SHOT Show 2013

Here’s a look at the standard-length SIG Sauer P227. Finally, a new 10-round .45 ACP is here.

The P227 series uses a nicely textured, single-piece, polymer grip. There are no screw heads to scratch you during long range sessions.

The P227 comes in a more compact “Carry” version with a slightly shorter slide, but it still retains the accessory rail.

For a gun more strictly geared toward concealment, there is the P227 SAS Gen2. It has received the SIG Sauer Anti-Snag treatment and does not have an accessory rail.

The decocker profile on the P227 is exactly the same as the P226, and the holsters made for the P226 and P220 fit the P227 with no modification.

The Sig website has all the specs for all three variations.

Sig Sauer Firearms

By Brian Jensen

SIG Sauer’s booth is always busy, but after fighting through the crowds this year I discovered the longtime rumors were true. The Exeter, NH, company has introduced the P227—a double-stack semi-automatic in .45 ACP.

The gun struck me as more of a P226 when I first saw it, but when I looked down at the label, sure enough, it said “Sig P227, .45 ACP.” I picked it up and thought, “Boy, I would have never thought this was a .45.”

The gun has all the classic looks of the P226 line. Its milled stainless steel slide is mated to an aluminum-alloy frame and an accessory rail allows the mounting of lasers or weapon lights. The slide’s Nitron finish provides a businesslike look that’s attractive, and, it’s a SIG, so the double-action trigger pull is better than most. The usual decocker is there as well. The gun has mildly aggressive texturing on its one-piece polymer grip, with no screws to dig into your hand. Capacity is 10 rounds in the flush-fitting magazine, but a 14-round extended magazine is available.

I picked up a nearby P226 in 9 mm and it had the usual nice feel in the grip. When I came back to the P227 and felt its grip again, I could tell there was a slightest bit of additional girth. It wasn’t enough to make the gun feel big or bulky, but it is there in a side-by-side comparison. If you only pick up the P227, you probably won’t notice.

I asked the staff about the gun’s genesis, and they said the P227 was developed in response to requests by consumers—even international ones—for a double-stack .45 ACP pistol. SIG Academy staff added their input, providing an armed citizen/law enforcement perspective during development. And realistically, this gun is aimed at either group. It would be just as at home in a police duty holster as in a nightstand ready for things that go “bump” in the night.

The P227 will start shipping in March with an MSRP ranging from $993 to $1,085, depending on options. The P227 Carry Nitron version will also be available, with a 3.9-inch barrel. The gun weighs 30.5 ounces sans magazine, it is 7.1 inches long and it will ship with SIGLITE Night Sights at an MSRP of $1,085. Keep an eye out for the Carry SAS Gen2 version, as well.

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  • steve johnson January 4, 2015, 2:04 pm

    the holster’s for the p220 and p226 will not fit a p227.i known because I have
    steve Johnson.

    • Wolvie February 11, 2015, 2:43 pm

      Not totally true.

      I have the 227 Flat Dark Earth model and I have the following holsters that DO in fact fit perfectly:

      Blackhawk Serpa 226 model
      Comp-Tac Minotaur 226 model
      Crossbreed 220 model
      Tagua OWB leather 226 model

      All of these holsters fit the 227 perfectly with no modifiction. Now, I’m not saying EVERY 226/220 holster will fit the 227…but I’ve yet to come across one that doesn’t.

  • YGBSM February 17, 2014, 3:48 am

    It’s been almost a year since the P227 came out. Has anyone seen a 14 rd mag yet?

  • Bryan Young July 21, 2013, 4:59 pm

    Mr. Brown, that would essentially be a sigpro in .45, and that sounds like a great idea that I would stand in line to buy!

  • Jerry Brown February 1, 2013, 9:18 am

    I agree that Sig makes fine pistols and have been my personal and business preference for years! Also, agree that sales demand is only true picture of customer, not personal preference. For Ordnance Outsellers and other dealers, the demand for the 245 was insufficient to maintain it in the line! A few years ago Sig tried to revive it as “C3” Compact; but demand not there for that either! Predict the 227 will be very successful…….even more so, if a max mag capacity of 10 should pass! It happened last time, as with previous ban limiting mag capacity, people decided if they were stuck with fewer rounds, they would at least be more powerful ones! While the14 rd mag in the gun would “print” under most circumstances, nothing wrong with carrying that one as a “spare” in vertical mag carrier, which shouldn’t make any difference!

  • Loneagle January 25, 2013, 10:32 pm

    B>K> is absolutey right! I like the P245 alot. So does my Son-in-law who borrowed mine and I don’t know when I’ll get it back, Ha! The only fault I saw with my P245 was that it was single stack and didn’t hold as many rounds as I would like. I have a Para Ordnance P10-45 that is double stack and holds 10rds. I like it for that reason, but then don’t like the cock and lock — would rather have the Sig configured decocker. The only other thing Sig could do to make the P245 perfect would be to put it in a polymer frame. Then somebody will have built the perfect light weight compact/high cap. .45acp!

    • Astig5150 July 23, 2013, 12:43 am

      Better, have that transferred under his name, or you will be responsible for whatever happens to the bullet when it leaves the chamber. That’s 25 years to LIFE!

  • B>K>Berlack January 24, 2013, 7:28 am

    I’m a big Sig fan and I own a P 220,P 245, and a P 239 in 9mm. They are pricy because they out shoot any other pistol, out of the box and need no more work ,”like a 1,000.00 dollar 1911 does to have that great accuracy and feel !”
    With that said, I think that they should have brought back the P 245, instead of chopping the P 220 ! The P245 is much more compact than the compact P220 ! With the P 245, in a double stack mode, for those who feel the need for the “two” more rounds, you would have a a very nice compact double stack.

    • Joe October 12, 2014, 11:12 pm

      I have to agree to disagree. I have a Para 1445 stainless that is plain from the box . No work done to it and it outshoots anything out there and have 14+1 capacity. Trigger pull is perfect and is a tack driver. My friend with a sig in .40 can not get the accuracy I get with the cheap Para. Also my CZ in 9mm is a fine needle driver out from the box and much cheaper than any sig. My XD 40 subcompact is pretty good too and can carry 12 in double stack. It is not as accurate as the other 2 due to the high caliber in a 3 inch barrel but still will do the job fine ,just take a little bit more practice. The 1000 dollar 1911 to have great accuracy myth is just that. I think that the shooter have the most impact in accuracy and the gun is just a tool that can do what you want if you get to know your gun well.

  • Unlicensed Dremel January 23, 2013, 2:58 pm

    So it’s a 220 with 2 more rounds and slightly thicker grip? I guess I don’t get it….

    • Rex Renfroe October 12, 2013, 11:43 am

      Like Brian I see no need in the 227. I and many other were wanting a Para-esque P-14 Sig not a P220 +2. What a waste in time and money ! If you’re going to have a wider grip, use it !

  • Lee January 23, 2013, 11:36 am

    Sig has a die hard followers in its customer base. They will buy it, even at their high price point. They have good marketing, and even better reputation. The P220 was an excellent pistol. But its kinda hard trying to sell a single stack 45 that isn’t a 1911. Now they have basically a 226 size double stack in a 45. There is only two things I’d do if I were Sig to make the 227 even better. First offer a DAO trigger option that can be carried “cocked and locked” like a CZ. And then offer it in 10mm…. I don’t know if maybe its just local to my area, but I’m seeing huge growth in demand for 10mm. I wouldn’t say its a come back, or that it will ever be as popular as 9mm or 40sw, but it definitely has a good solid customer base.

    • Randy January 25, 2013, 1:50 am

      Sig does make a fantastic pistol. I own a few of them. I disagree with your comment about it being difficult to sell a single stack .45 that’s not a 1911. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who don’t like that design, or prefer not to carry cocked and locked. When I had my store open, I sold more ‘other’ single stack .45’s than I did 1911’s. Everyone thinks they know what is the most common, but when you’re actually in business (and see it from the sales side), you really get surprised.

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