Springfield Armory’s Got Hellcats in FDE, Standard and Optics-Ready

Springfield Armory's Got Hellcats in FDE, Standard and Optics-Ready
The Hellcat is now available in Flat Dark Earth with black highlights. (Photo: Springfield)

Springfield Armory is happy to announce the Hellcat micro compact in flat dark earth in standard and OSP configurations. The Hellcat is a palm-sized pistol chambered for 9mm Luger for everyday carry and concealment.

The new FDE Hellcat is being offered in the standard configuration as well as Springfield’s red-dot ready “Optics Sight Pistol” OSP version. Both have black highlights for a slight two-tone look that stands out even while it blends in.

The polymer components are either matte black or flat dark earth while the steel components either have a durable Cerakote FDE finish or a very tough Melonite polished black nitride finish.

Springfield Armory's Got Hellcats in FDE, Standard and Optics-Ready
It’s available now in standard and optics-ready versions. (Photo: Springfield)

The Hellcat has been a runaway success for Springfield. This fresh design blurs the lines between single-stack pistol for deep concealment and double-stack sub-compact service pistol and the result is a small and lightweight handgun that still holds a lot of ammo.

The Hellcat is also a bit easier to shoot than dedicated single-stack pistols. The frame and grip are just a hair wider and offer enough of an increase in purchase to make them a lot more comfortable at the range.

Both FDE Hellcat models sport an 11+1-round capacity with flush mags and an impressive 13+1 with extended magazines. Tapered magazine extensions are also available to give the shooter a full four-fingered grip without changing the rear profile of the pistol.

Springfield Armory's Got Hellcats in FDE, Standard and Optics-Ready
They ship with one flush and one finger-extension 11-round magazines as well as one 13-round magazine. (Photo: Springfield).

Like the original Hellcat pistol, the FDE version has a grip tape-style “Adaptive” frame texture with finger index points along the front of the frame above the trigger guard. The frame is railed for small lights and laser sights and provides a deep beavertail that will ensure no shooter gets slide bite.

The slide is serrated front and rear and the sights are as far apart as possible for the longest possible sight radius. The slide and hammer-forged barrel have slight witness hole cuts for users to perform visual chamber checks.

Both the standard and optics-ready versions come with deep U-notch rear ledge sight and a bright day-glow dot front tritium night sight. Every Hellcat pistol ships with three magazines, two 11-round mags and one 13-round magazine.

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Overall the Hellcat and Hellcat OSP have 3-inch barrels and measure in at 6 inches long, 4 inches tall and just an inch wide at the widest. They are rated for over-pressure ammo and built to the same 10,000-round challenge standard the original passed with only four ammo-related stoppages.

”Every detail of the Hellcat has been shaped by a singular mission — to deliver the definitive concealed carry handgun,” said Springfield CEO Dennis Reese. The suggested retail price for the FDE model is $610, and just $643 for the OSP version, putting real-world pricing in the low- to mid-$500 range.

Of course, pricing and availability for new guns can be a bit higher at launch, now in particular, so if you see an FDE Hellcat, and are pretty sure it’s the next gun for you, go ahead and pick it up right away. These are going to move fast.

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  • Dave Camp June 19, 2020, 1:59 am

    I fricken LOVE my Hellcat. Passed on my M&P Sheild, to my daughter. Never thought I would find an EDC that would take it’s place, but the Hellcat did.

  • Kevin June 12, 2020, 7:03 am

    They are VERY difficult to find.

  • Randall S Bernacki June 12, 2020, 5:56 am

    Is the Hellcat available with a manual safety? If not is SA considering offering one.

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