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Chrono Shootout!  Which One Is The Best and Why You Need One

Most manufacturers will print that velocity on the box with rifle ammo or have it available on their website.  Most pistol ammo manufacturers also post the velocity of a given round.

Holosun HM3XT

Testing Holosun’s Titanium 3X Magnifier

Holosun is known for its durable and reasonably priced red dots. Let’s look at Holosun’s HM3XT and see if the reputation of economic reliability extends to its magnified offerings.

Review: Testing the Leupold Mark 5HD 2-10x30 FFP Rifle Scope

Review: Testing the Leupold Mark 5HD 2-10×30 FFP Rifle Scope

Utilizing a turret lock, low profile throw lever, durable housing, and great glass, the Leupold meets its mark with the Mark 5HD 2-10 by “extending the limits of tactical carbines.”

Testing C&H Precision's New Duty Optic

Testing C&H Precision’s New Duty Optic

If you are in the market for a large-format pistol optic then the C&H Duty optic may be an option for you.

Tested: Caldwell’s Precision Turret Rifle Rest

Tested: Caldwell’s Precision Turret Rest

The Precision Turret rest is, hands down, the best rest I’ve ever used for zeroing and practicing with ARs at the bench. It works so well because it was engineered specifically to accommodate the unique characteristics of AR rifles.

Intruder in a Box: A Better Way to Test Self-Defense Ammunition?

Intruder in a Box: A Better Way to Test Self-Defense Ammunition?

I’ve done a number of my own gel tests with self-defense and hunting handgun rounds and watched ammunition company staff do many more of these tests.

2 - CrossFire DG3 55L Pack (has video)

Clay’s Take on the CrossFire DG3 55L Pack

This ruck sack came to me highly recommended by a still serving Special Forces brother, and in his words “it’s perfect, and you have to get one.” This is a pretty high bar, considering the amount of time any one of us has spent thinking about and using ruck sacks.

2 - Budget Riflescope Riton X3 Conquer 6-24x50, Conquered

Buyer Beware! Budget Riflescope Riton X3 Conquer 6-24×50 Receives a Don’t Buy Review

At first glance, the X3 Conquer seems to be a good option with its 6-24x magnification range, 10 yd – infinity parallax. 21 MRAD of elevation adjustment, and zero stop turrets.

2 - Accessories for your P365/XL

Accessories for your P365/XL

Welcome to a long-overdue review. The P365 family of weapons has been a hot item since its release 3 years ago. We have seen a lot of variants such as the P365 SAS, P365X, and most recently, the P365 Fire Control Unit. The Fire Control Unit, or FCU, is a Sig unique way of making a gun infinitely customizable.

2 - HAWG Pro 20 – Urban camouflage?

Stealth and Hydration: The Unexpected Versatility of CamelBak’s HAWG Pro 20

The H.A.W.G Pro 20 was purpose-built as a bicycle pack, to keep bike types hydrated on the trail. But does it sound like it belongs on the GunsAmerica Digest tactical column? No. Which is the point.