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C&H Duty Optic on table

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C&H Precision is known for their red dot adapter plates but they now offer red dots of their own. I have used one of their 507K to MOS adapter plates on my EDC G19 for a couple of years so when I saw C&H was making red dots I had to give one a try.

Open VS Closed Emitter

Of their many models, I chose the C&H Duty to review. I picked it primarily because of its enclosed emitter design. Ever since I started running the Holosun EPS on my go-to carry gun, I have been a big fan of enclosed emitter pistol sights. 

To have an enclosed emitter simply means that the LED that creates the dot is not open to the environment. These optics are easily distinguishable from open emitter optics because they have a piece of glass at the front and rear of the optic vs the single piece of glass seen in open emitter optics. 

Closed emitter optics are also often larger or more blocky. This is the reality of placing a second piece of glass behind the emitter and having to add the structure to support it. 

The main advantage of enclosed emitter sights, and why I prefer them, is that they are less likely to become obstructed. Because the emitter is protected inside the optic it is much less likely to collect debris like snow, rain, mud, or even lint. These contaminants can obstruct or distort the sight picture. 

I have an open emitter red dot mounted on my Ruger 22/45 and every time I carry it I am reminded why I prefer closed emitter sights. The lens forms a perfect cup to collect dust then the emitter gets fogged up and distorts the dot if I blow it out. These issues are, by design, less prevalent in closed emitter units. 

C&H Duty General Overview

First impressions of the optic are good. It has a larger form factor measuring 47mmL x 35mmW x 32mmH. That combined with its billet aluminum construction gives it a very solid feel. 

Looking through a red dot optic at a bright blue sky

The window is a bit small when compared to the overall size of the optic. It seems like my view is obstructed more by this optic than it is by most others. This is mostly due to the large battery compartment protruding from the right side. 

Windage and elevation are adjusted by half-MOA clicks by turning the flush fit adjustment turrets. You will need a small screwdriver for this task.

Battery and Brightness

The C&H duty uses a single CR 2032 battery that is located under the round cap on the right side of the unit. Battery life is advertised as 50000 hours (5.7 years) but that will vary depending on the brightness setting. 

My optic has a single three MOA red colored dot but green and circle dot options will be available soon. The optic has ten brightness settings with the first two being suitable for use with night vision. The brightness is adjusted by two large rubberized buttons on the left side. Level eight seems to be the sweet spot where I leave it most of the time.

C&H Duty Optic on glock 20

This unit also features motion control. Similar to Holosun’s Shake Awake, this optic automatically shuts off if it is left motionless for more than five minutes and comes back on as soon as it senses motion. I didn’t know it had this feature until I read the manual because I had never seen it go off. To test it, I left the pistol on the counter until the dot disappeared and tried to slowly pick it up. I moved as delicately as I could but before I got it off the table, the dot was back on.

Mounting Options

Mounting the optic to my Gen5 G20 was easy. I simply had to remove the MOS cover plate and install the C&H plate to adapt my pistol’s MOS hole pattern to the ACRO footprint of the optic. I added a bit of Loctite to each screw and torqued them using my Wheeler FAT Wrench

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mounting C&H Precision's Duty Optic on Glock 20

Suppressor height sights are needed to co-witness through the optic because the window sits so high. Maybe if the slide was custom-milled for the ACRO footprint you could direct mount the optic and it would be low enough for standard height sights. 


The C&H Duty has a water resistance rating of IPX7 (1m for 30min). It is also shockproof up to 1500G for 1000 cycles. With duty use implied in the name, this optic should be rugged so I put it to the test.

Testing C&H Duty Optic

First, I did a series of drop and manipulation tests. I used the optic to cycle the slide against wood and concrete and dropped it multiple times from holster height onto brick and gravel. The amount of abuse most optics see in a lifetime was packed into one afternoon. 

After I had beaten it around, I tested it to see if it had retained its water resistance. I left it submerged for half an hour but no moisture got inside.

firearm with optic in bowl of water running waterproof test

On top of all that, I mounted it to the hardest recoiling pistol I have, my 10mm. I figure that if it can withstand constant recoil from this pistol it should be fine on most others. Over the course of the review, I fired about four hundred rounds without issue. 

The only durability issue I see is in the battery cap design. With the thin edge of the cap being such a prominent point, it could be knocked off in the event of a direct impact. This would let the battery fall out and kill the optic. It didn’t happen during my testing but I have heard of it happening to others so it is something to be aware of.

Testing C&H Precision's New Duty Optic

Overall Opinion on the C&H Duty

All things considered, I think this is a good optic. The window is small but that becomes less of a nuisance the more you use it. The $325 MSRP is reasonable when compared to similar optics. It is a bit blocky but that extra material adds to the optics’ durability and that is what really matters. We will have to wait and see how it does long term but up until now, it has performed well for me.

So, if you are in the market for a large-format pistol optic then this may be an option for you. Visit C&H Precision’s website for more information on the C&H Duty or any of their other products. 

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