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The Most Modular Handguns

The Most Modular Handguns

Modularity is what keeps a weapon around. Its ability to innovate, adapt, and evolve keeps a firearm around. We know the AR-15 is the world’s most modular rifle, but what are the most modular handguns? 

The Solis holster for the Glock 17 and 19 models.

Safariland Rolls Out New Solis Holsters for GLOCK 17 and 19

News from Safariland! They’ve just expanded their Solis holster range to fit GLOCK 17 and 19 models.

B&T APC in 10mm

Best 10mm Handguns and Rifles

The cult of the 10mm is strong and always has been. While small, they are easy to find. Go to any forum and ask, is the 10mm worth it? They shall reveal themselves to you! 

A Glock with a B&T suppressor and a single-shot option.

B&T’s Suppressed Glock w/ Single-Shot Option! — SHOT Show 2024

B&T has just announced an exciting addition to their product line – the Hush Puppy suppressor/single-shot option, designed specifically for Glock pistols.

Auto Draft

Will HIVIZ Iron Sights Work Through Night Vision?

Daylight, dark, night vision – no job is too tough for HIVIZ H3 Iron Sights! Find out why they are perfect for the Glock 19 in this video.

Gaston Glock's in memoriam.

Gaston Glock Passes Away at 94

Celebrating 30 years in the United States, GLOCK remains a symbol of quality, commitment, design, and innovation.

The Rise of 2011s - Are 1911s Dead?

2011 Pistols – Are 1911s Dead?

In the last 10 years, a variation of the 1911 pistol has taken over the competitive space and the everyday carry and duty scene. This pistol is the double-stack variant of the ever-popular 1911, known as the 2011.

2 - Loaded for Bear With The G20 Gen5 MOS

Loaded for Bear With The G20 Gen5 MOS

It’s a Glock. Love or hate them, Glock is the workhorse of defensive pistols in the US and worldwide. Hopefully, the G20 Gen5 MOS lives up to the standard of Glock Perfection.

Glock G47 MOS: More Of The Same, Yet Different

Glock G47 MOS: More Of The Same, Yet Different

There is a simplicity to a striker-fire pistol and the Glock G47 MOS delivers on performance, reliability, accuracy, safety, and ease of use. The G47 performed flawlessly. Point, shoot, repeat. That’s what Glocks do best.

Classic Carry Guns - Give Used Guns a Shot

Classic Carry Guns – Give Used Guns a Shot

Used guns are a great way to shop for a bargain-priced self-defense pistol. As we accept more modern guns with modern features, like rails, optics, and ambidextrous controls, we can find guns that lack those features for a relatively fair price.