Best 10mm Handguns and Rifles

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B&T APC in 10mm
B&T APC in 10mm

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There is a cult among gun owners. They’re secretive in person but loud online. They often hide in the corners of the internet, waiting for their beloved object of obsession to be mentioned. The cult of the 10mm is strong and always has been. While small, they are easy to find. Go to any forum and ask, is the 10mm worth it? They shall reveal themselves to you! 

The Mighty 10mm

Okay, paranoia hat off, but seriously, the 10mm keeps a cult following four decades after its invention and last duty use. Jeff Cooper had an idea, and Norma had an engineering department. What emerged was one caliber to rule them all. It would be more powerful than 9mm but provide more capacity than 45 ACP. FBI adoption of the round after the ’86 Miami FBI Shootout guaranteed a degree of immortality to the cartridge. 

While it’s fallen out of vogue with government agencies, the round is still popular. It’s quite versatile and can be loaded light for enjoyable plinking or heavy enough to take bear if need be. Somewhere in between sit some excellent defensive loadings. The 10mm is a great cartridge, and if it interests you, you might be wondering what rifles and handguns are available to you. 

You’ve come to the right place! 

The Best 10mm Handguns and Rifles 

FN 510 Tactical 

The FN 510 Tactical is one of the latest 10mm polymer frame, duty-type pistols on the market. If we are looking at duty-sized handguns, the FN 510 takes the cake from Glock, S&W, and the 1911 world. The FN 510 Tactical is a beefed-up FN 509 series that’s adorned with all the modern features you could throw a stick at. 

Those features are why the FN 510 Tactical beats the competitors. Of course, we get removable backstraps and a Picatinny rail, but it’s more than that. It comes ready with a threaded barrel.

3 - Best 10mm Handguns and Rifles
The FN 510 gives you all the modern attachments

That allows you to add a muzzle brake to trim some recoil from the mighty 10mm or a suppressor to take advantage of those subsonic loads that are available. 

The rear of the slide features an optics-ready configuration that uses a replaceable plate system to utilize a wide variety of optics. When you consider the flat shooting nature of the 10mm, a red dot makes a lot of sense to wring out all the range possible. FN even includes suppressor height sights for that potential suppressor and red dot addition. To top it all off, the gun comes with a 15-round flush-fit magazine and a 22-round extended magazine. 

Glock 40 

Glock has been fans of the 10mm for quite some time. They’ve consistently produced the Glock 20 and Glock 29, even when the popularity of the centimeter dipped. While the G29 and G20 are fine firearms, my personal favorite is the Glock 40. Glock’s 40 isn’t a 40 S&W, but a 10mm, although the 10mm evolved into the .40 S&W. At this point, I’m pretty sure Glock’s naming convention is on purpose at this point just to mess with us. 

The Glock 40 is built on the Glock 20 frame but utilizes a 6-inch barrel. A longer barrel offers a few advantages.

3 - Best 10mm Handguns and Rifles
A long barrel gives you more velocity and control

We get a little extra velocity from the longer barrel but also more control due to extra weight. Control is great with a heavy recoiling round. We also get a longer sight radius, which helps us shoot a bit more accurately. 

That’s great, but I would take advantage of the MOS system Glock includes and add an optic. Shooters can really stretch out their range with a red dot. This is the perfect handgun if you choose to go hunting with your handgun. With the right load, it’s an excellent pistol for medium game and even good bear defense. The Glock 40 offers you all the Glock customization and reliability you can handle. 

Glock 29

Another day, another Glock. The Glock 29 is the complete opposite of the Glock 40. The Glock 40 is the long boi option, and the Glock 29 is the little fella. The Glock 29 is a very rare subcompact 10mm handgun. If you need a concealed carry weapon that will work great for traditional self-defense and well for dealing with animals, then the Glock 29 is for you. 

The Glock 29 features a 3.77-inch barrel; its overall length is just a hair below seven inches.

3 - Best 10mm Handguns and Rifles
A subcompact 10mm isn’t common, but who can deny its compact power?

The gun isn’t light at 26.81 ounces, but it’s as small as a 10mm can get. The Glock 29 can be tough to handle with the short grip, and I do suggest a +2 extension that offers you a slightly longer grip. 

The Glock 29 offers you a simple set of controls and a level of reliability that’s tough to beat. It’s a little gun that functions with the wider variety of 10mm cartridges out there. The little G29 isn’t for everyone, but it’s most certainly the best subcompact 10mm out there. 

B&T APC10 

This isn’t a rifle, but isn’t a standard handgun either. It’s a large format pistol if you will. I typically call them subguns, which meets the vibe just right. The APC10 takes the normal APC and turns the switch to 10mm. The weapon takes Glock magazines, which are the most common 10mm magazine options out there. 

The B&T APC10 is a Swiss-made large-format pistol that uses a direct blowback system. Blowback typically results in a little extra recoil, but the B&T APC series uses a hydraulic buffer inside the gun to reduce recoil and generate a more comfortable recoil impulse.

3 - Best 10mm Handguns and Rifles
It’s a pistol that can be made into a rifle with a tax stamp

It’s surprisingly soft and makes those quick follow-up shots easy. The 6.9-inch barrel gives you a velocity boost, and a weight over six pounds keeps recoil low. 

The B&T APC10 is a great option for home defense if you want something that moves a little faster than 9mm. Pair the gun with a weapon light and optic, and you have something short and easily maneuverable indoors. Like most B&T guns, the ergonomics are great, and the gun is extremely well made, but boy, oh boy, is it expensive. 

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Kriss Vector 

The Kirss Vector is where we get into proper rifle territory. Admittedly, the gun also comes as a large format pistol if you want to take that route. The Kirss Vector looks like it stepped out of Battle Star Galactica and into your hands. Admittedly, the futuristic appeal of the gun goes beyond skin deep. The Kriss Vector utilizes a very interesting delayed blowback system that has the bolt move with an inertia block downward into a recess behind the mag well. 

This is known for reducing recoil substantially. It’s mostly felt in the weapon’s submachine gun form, but even in semi-auto, the Kriss Vector does deliver a very smooth recoil impulse with the 10mm.

3 - Best 10mm Handguns and Rifles
Make your Call Of Duty dreams a reality

It’s as soft shooting as a 10mm rifle can get. You certainly won’t get any control issues with the Vector series of PCCs. 

As you’d expect, we get all the fancy rails you need for accessories and optics. The guns have various stock configurations, but they typically fold, and some can collapse like a six-position AR stock. The rifle variants use a mock suppressor to cover the ultra-long barrel, which is a nice aesthetic choice all around. The gun uses Glock mags, so make sure you grab some of the Kriss Vector magazine extensions. 

Just Right Carbine 

The Just Right Carbine series are interesting AR-Lite rifles. They aren’t quite ARs, but something akin to the design. They have the AR layout,  with an AR-like safety and magazine release and an AR grip, but it’s different enough to deviate from the traditional 10mm platform. A lot of the differences come from the fact the gun was originally built to be a takedown design, making it very convenient as a pack rifle. 

As a pack rifle, the 10mm is a great option. It’s powerful enough to deal with serious wildlife in a pinch but still light and compact enough to be easily carried.

3 - Best 10mm Handguns and Rifles
It’s not fancy, but it works!

The JRC series are simple blowback designs but plenty reliable. They pack a little punch on both ends with a sharp recoil impulse. Sharp, but not painful. 

The JRC uses a Glock magazine, which is a common theme for this article. The FN 510 is the only gun that doesn’t take Glock mags on this list. The JRC offers an affordable rifle platform in 10mm that’s a great survival rifle choice if that’s something you need. Toss an optic on it, and you’ll be good to go. 

A Sacrifice to The 10mm Cult

My secret is that I’m a member of the cult of 10mm. I’m quite partial to the round. It’s fun to shoot and versatile, and while I don’t face any bears, I guess I could. What do you think about the 10mm? Do you have a preferred 10mm rifle or pistol? Share below! 

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  • LJ February 26, 2024, 2:15 pm

    I’ve been carrying a 29SF for years. Even with full power Norma loads it’s not a hard gun to shoot. For some reason, Glocks tend to be soft shooters without the heavy wrist-snapping I’ve experienced with other semi-autos, including 1911 based firearms. But if you have to shoot the FBI lite-loads in your 29, you might as well carry a 27 (.40 Short & Weak).

  • Matthew A. Carpenter February 21, 2024, 6:16 pm

    10mm might be my favorite millimeter. Two of my favorite cartridges of all time are the 10mm Auto and the .357 Magnum. These two cartridges are oddly similar to each other in terms of performance and versatility. They both can be used in a paired pistol and carbine to great affect as well, which is another great benefit of both cartridges.

  • Clay Hamann February 21, 2024, 12:38 pm

    I disagree with this article, just like I do with most of the crap you espouse. Most of your stuff reeks of paid advertising. There are numerous 1911 pistols in 10mm. The Dan Wesson is an excellent example. My edc choice is a Kimber Custom II/TLC. It has been my constant companion for several years and will remain by my side throughout the coming storm.

  • Todd February 21, 2024, 3:10 am

    Have a 29 and a 20. Sold my long slide AMT Javelina. Loved the pistol too bad the magazines were the cheapest. Shout out to G. Nappi the original 10mm pages website author from ~25 years ago. I guess the web isn’t forever couldn’t find the site. It listed all the current 10s and probably helped keep the caliber alive in those days.

  • Anthony Kohler February 19, 2024, 6:32 pm

    I’m with Ernie Smith. I have three EAA witnesses in 10mm — a steel, a Stock and a Hunter. They are all on my ‘cold, dead hands’ list. The only problem with 10mm is that I don’t have as much brass as I’d like.

  • E. Fuller February 19, 2024, 5:41 pm

    My CMMG w/ Romeo red dot is my “go to” firearm when riding around my farm on chore rounds. 30 round mag and coyotes don’t get away. Easy recoil from my perpesctive.

  • Heavyguns31 February 19, 2024, 5:34 pm

    Jeez, what’s your top 3 favorite cars? The yugo, the pinto and the prius? Where’s the Springfield Xdm? The Sig 320? Smiths newer 10 mm? Any of the Witness guns which are awesome?? Where’s the cmmg banshee instead of those 3 clunky guns you listed? The BT probably isn’t clunky but it’s way over priced and way to rare to find one. CMMG has tons of nice large frame 10’s available. And don’t even get me started on that stupid 29. Giving up all that barrel you may as well just shoot 40 S&W. I’m with Darrel on this one.

  • jarvisinak February 19, 2024, 12:07 pm

    What happened to the Sig X-ten or the EAA Witness ?

  • ernie smith February 19, 2024, 11:11 am

    i’m confused why the tanfoglio guns are not often mentioned regarding the 10mm auto. i have three very different 10mm from them and they are all fantastic. i think tanfoglio offers around ten different models in 10mm auto. i have a few other handguns in 10mm, but nothing compares to the tanfoglio guns and for much better prices than anything else on the market. they also support as much modularity as an ar as almost all parts swap quite readily. nothing shoots as well as my 6” hunter except my automag.

  • Joe Herner February 19, 2024, 10:58 am

    I have both a Kimber 6in target and a Rock Island 1911 double stack. I really enjoy both.

  • Bryan Thomas Frazier February 19, 2024, 10:20 am

    I just got a rock island 1911 double stack 10mm. Wowzers, I love it!

  • Clayton Mcbride February 19, 2024, 10:00 am

    S&W 1066 is my 10 of choice.

  • Chris Wilson February 19, 2024, 9:00 am

    Springfield XDM Elite , a fine example also

  • Darrell Johnson February 19, 2024, 8:37 am

    A very opinionated narrow minded disappointing waste of my time to read.
    ” The ten best” , seriously 😒

  • Michael H. February 19, 2024, 8:32 am

    I, too, am a big fan of the 10mm. I have 3 Colt Delta Elites, but have been looking for something with more capacity. Looks like I made the right choice with the FN 510. The FN 510 handles very well and I have no problem with the recoil. It is a very well made pistol, easy to shoot and easy to maintain.

  • Charles McManus February 19, 2024, 8:20 am

    My edc is a S&W M&P 10mm. It cycles flawlessly after I replaced the 17 lb recoil spring with a 24 lb. I actually prefer it over my M&P 45, and that’s saying A LOT.

  • Craig B Cook February 19, 2024, 8:00 am

    Cooper never considered the 10 mm because of increased capacity. Only because it was clearly superior to the . 45 & crunchintickers. The 2 most common pistols offering the 19 when it came out were the Colt Delta & the Smiths, mostly the 1076, both single stacks. I believe there were 2 things that lead to to downfall of the 10 mm from top popularity. First & foremost, the FBI realized it was hiring children instead of men, & children can’t handle the 10 mm, so they coerced S&W into the 10 lite. S&W realized they had to do something to market the reduced power cartridge about the time some reflective soul realized .40 caliber bullets are very close to .358 & therefore you could cram them into a 9mm magazine. Bingo, high capacity, larger diameter in one. The double stack tens didn’t come out for years.
    I think the 2nd thing that killed the 10mm is related to the reason it’s made such a comeback. When I carried the 1076 for duty, I had a great deal of difficulty finding ammunition. Not just practice rounds, but duty rounds. Our agency let us carry what we wanted, but we had to supply our own ammo. & 10 is very difficult to come by. Especially full power loads after the FBI backed out. Now, with the Internet , it is no problem to search the entire country for 180 gr FMJ lower power practice & 220 gr 1400 FPS hardened lead drop anything’s. Often with free shipping.
    & FN should have a great product, they came late after everybody else took chances. A Ford Raptor has much more to offer than a Model T. As for the Glock, very good guns, but Gaston’s forte has always been marketing, not innovation. Glock offers nothing that hasn’t been used in the past, tho he did put them in one package.

    • LJ February 26, 2024, 2:32 pm

      Glock came out with a double stack 10mm in 1990, the model 20. Being a dealer at the time, I ordered one for a customer and he returned it because he didn’t like the striker-fire trigger on the Glocks at the time, but are very common many different manufacturers today. I loved it then and still shoot it frequently today. Since 1991, I’ve put somewhere around 3500 rds through that old model 20, most full power hand loads, and it’s still going strong. Try putting 3500 rds of hot 10mm fodder through a Delta Elite and see what you end up with.

  • Fred Albumin February 19, 2024, 7:28 am

    Unfortunately you omitted the Rock Island PRO ULTRA MATCH 6″ HD “BIG ROCK” 10mm 16 RD. This firearm is a tack driver and shoots like a dream.
    Talk about firepower in a soft shooting 10mm, this is it.

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