Glock G47 MOS: More Of The Same, Yet Different

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Glock G47 MOS with Ameriglo red dot optic.
Now you don’t need to be a member of the CPB to have a Glock G47. The G47 MOS is a full-size 9mm pistol that comes optic-ready.

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Remember when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) replaced their .40 S&W HK P2000 pistols with Glocks in 2019? The CBP announced they were adopting three 9mm Glocks, a G26, G19, and G47. That’s when nearly every Glock fanboy and fangirl did a double-take. What’s a G47? Did Glock just release a new pistol? Well, they did introduce a new pistol but until now, it was only available to law enforcement.

Hitting the Market

Early this year the G47 MOS hit the commercial market and made a lot of people happy who wanted to own a Glock with the model number “47” roll marked on the slide. The thing is the G47 MOS is nearly identical to the G17 Gen5; same length, width, height, caliber, and magazine capacity. So why do you need a G47 MOS if the Gen5 G17 MOS is virtually the same thing? Compatibility.

Glock G47 roll mark.
The G47 was originally introduced in 2019 but only for law enforcement. In 2023, Glock debuted a commercial version of the G47.

Not all parts of the Gen5 G17 MOS and Gen5 G19 MOS are compatible, but Gen5 G19 and Gen5 G47 are compatible. That means you could install a G19 slide to a G47 frame and create your version of G45 or add the longer G47 slide assembly to the smaller G19 frame. Some users like a smaller and longer slide. Parts compatibility is a nice feature to have and gives the G47 MOS a leg up over the Gen5 G17 MOS. And, as I experienced flinging lead downrange with the G47 MOS, it does not disappoint. While the G47 MOS is new, it has a familiar feel to it when you grip it.

G17 vs G47

The dust cover is shorter than the G17’s which is one of the features that allows the G47 to be compatible with the Gen5 G19 pistol. Other than that and the parts compatibility, the G47 is exactly like a Gen5 G17. The G47 MOS has all the Gen5 features built-in—front slide serrations, ambidextrous slide stop levers, enhanced trigger, flared magazine well, enlarged floor plate, and GMB (Glock Marksman Barrel) barrel. In the hard case that comes with the G47 are two backstraps, three magazines, a magazine loader, and, because it is a MOS variant, an optic plate is provided. I ran the pistol without adding a backstrap.

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Glock G47 compared to Glock G17 Gen5.
A G17 Gen5 (top) has a longer dust cover and different locking block and rails compared to the G47 MOS (bottom). The G47 MOS can swap parts with a G19 Gen5.

Gen5 guns omit the front grip strap finger grooves, which gives the pistol a better fit for all sizes of hands. The texture is toothy enough without being abrasive. The trigger is perhaps the best Glock factory production trigger to date. There still is that spongy take-up, but when you hit the wall it has a better, more precise feel. Not crisp by any means, but better. On my gun, the trigger broke at 7.6 pounds and it actually felt lighter. Reset is relatively long compared to other guns in the same class, but still this is a better trigger for Glock.

Tapered muzzle of a Glock G47 MOS pistol.
The G47 MOS has all the Gen5 features including a chiseled muzzle for easier reholstering and front slide serration for doing a press check.


Glock MOS guns or Modular Optic System are shipped with an optic plate that attaches to the cut at the top of the slide and then allows you to mount an optic that has a Tijicon, Leupold, Holosun, or similar footprint. I mounted an Ameriglo Haven Handgun Red Dot Sight on the Glock. This optic features a 3.5 MOA red dot reticle, and a 5 MOA dot reticle is also available. I like the 3.5 MOA dot, it is a good size for close to medium distances. Two buttons on the left side of the unit turn the red dot on. Use either button to adjust dot brightness through 11 settings. Hold both buttons to turn it off.


The Carry-Loc feature allows the user to lock a brightness setting. This is helpful especially if you accidentally press the brightness adjustment buttons during a reload. The Power-Protect feature turns the sight off after 12 hours of inactivity. After 12 hours the dot brightness reverts to setting number 5 or the halfway brightness.

The battery life is about two years according to Ameriglo. I like the battery compartment which is accessible on the side of the unit. There is no need to remove the unit to replace the battery.

Mounting an Ameriglo Haven red dot to a Glock 47 MOS.
An Ameriglo Haven Handgun Red Dot Sight was easy and simple to mount to the Glock’s MOS slide.
Control buttons on an Ameriglo Haven red dot optic.
Two Buttons on the left side of the red dot control the brightness of the 3.5 MOA red dot.

The dot brightness was easy to adjust and is a nice feature to have on a red dot since you can manually adjust the brightness to suit the environment. There was a very slight bit of flaring but not a show-stopper by any means. I used the rim of a fired case to adjust elevation and windage which are clearly marked so there is no guesswork. Since the sight automatically turns on when it senses motion, it is well suited for use on an EDC pistol. The Ameriglo lists for $379 and it offers a lot of value for the price.

Ameriglo Haven red dot mounted to a Glock G47 MOS.
You can adjust the red dot using a rim from a spent 9mm case. The CR2032 battery is changed via a side-loading drawer so there is no need to remove the unit to replace the battery.


My expectation with any Glock is that it runs and it did. There were no issues at all with the G47. The Failure Drill is a good exercise to evaluate a gun’s speed and precision and the ability to be manipulated. I used both training and defense ammo with different bullet weights and types. Winchester Active Duty and Federal American Eagle, both loaded with 115-grain FMJ bullets are made to be burned through while training. For defense ammunition, Remington HTP with 147-grain JHP bullets and SIG V-Crown with 124-grain JHPs were used.

Glock G47 MOS in hand.
In hand the G47 MOS is comfortable. I don’t miss the finger grooves on the front grip strap.

The flat front grip strap and undercut trigger guard offer better control when shooting fast. The two fast center-of-mass shots were easy to control and depending on the ammo, the Glock was a bit snappy with a bit of muzzle flip. Between the red dot and the Gen5 trigger, A-zone headshots were surgical.

Glock G47 MOS with 25 yard target.
At 25 yards, the Glock G47 MOS offered good accuracy. Smallest group measured 1.4 inches with Winchester Active Duty loaded with a 115-gr. FMJ bullet.

Reloading was smooth. The rectangular magazine release button is larger on Gen5 guns than in previous generations and is serrated. Dumping an empty magazine is fast and the flared magazine well helps to funnel fresh magazines home. For you left-hand shooters, the magazine button can also be swapped.

Glock Gen5 flared magwell
The flared magwell on the Gen5 guns makes reloading smoother and smooth means fast.


The slide release is small and out of the way so it won’t be inadvertently pressed when gripping the pistol during recoil. My support hand thumb easily slapped the slide release to send the slide forward during reloads.

Enlarged magazine release button on Glock Gen5 pistol.
Gen5 Glcoks have a larger and more user friendly magazine release catch button that easy to manipulate.

I appreciated the forward serrations for conducting a press check. Not sure why it took the fifth generation of pistols for Glock to include front slide serration, but I’m happy they are there.

Alien Gear Photon holster with sidecar mag carrier.
The Alien Gear Photon holster is new. The holster is optic and light compatible. I paired it with a sidecar magazine carrier and it was quite comfortable to carry the full-size Glock.

I also used the red dot sight as a cocking lever on the edge of a shooting bench and the mouth of a Kydex holster to rack the slide. I used an Alien Gear Photon IWB holster to carry the G47 in appendix carry. The Photon holster and sidecar mag carrier list for about $75.

Alien Gear Photon holster and mag carrier in appendix carry.
The Alien Gear Photon holster is ambidextrous and can be used both IOW and OWB and is compatible with high-sight: The holster is compatible with suppressor high sight. You can also adjust the cant and ride height.


Using a rest at 25 yards, the smallest group I punched out measured 1.49 inches with Winchester Active Duty training ammo. The smallest group from defense ammo measured 2.04 inches with SIG V-Crown. Across all ammo, the Glock averaged solid 2-inch groups. It is a shooter and that’s good accuracy for a defense pistol.

Shooting a Glock G47 MOS.

There is a simplicity to a striker-fire pistol and the Glock G47 MOS delivers on performance, reliability, accuracy, safety, and ease of use. The G47 performed flawlessly. Point, shoot, repeat. That’s what Glocks do best.


My hunch is the G17’s days are numbered. LE agencies want parts compatibility for ease of maintenance and lower costs. That’s what separates the G47 from the Gen5 G17. The ability to mount a red dot can mean better accuracy and that’s what I found with the G47 MOS. It’s a lot like other Glocks and performs a lot like other Glocks and that is a good thing.

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