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Exploring the Best of NRA 2024: Top Firearms and Gear

Discover the latest and most innovative firearms showcased at the 2024 NRA Show. From retro-inspired designs to high-tech accessories, there’s

GunsAmerica’s Best Budget Picks from NRAAM 2024

Discover the best budget guns showcased at the 2024 NRA Show. From affordable shotguns to versatile rifles, find great

Understanding Safariland’s Holster Retention [Video]

Watch the video to learn about the different levels of retention in Safarilands Retention holsters that are saving lives everday.

10 Shots in Under 10 Seconds – Bolt Action Strasser RS 700 [Video]

Discover the STRASSER RS 700: Rapid-fire, straight-pull action meets precision engineering for unmatched shooting speed

2 - A Tale of Two Customer Services

Clay’s Tale of Two Customer Services

Two different firearms that didn’t work required that I deal with Customer Service as a regular guy. This is how it worked out.

A handgun rests on a tan backdrop.

Unique Take on High Capacity Personal Protection: Kimber KDS9C Reviewed

The Kimber KDS9C is a 2011-esque carry gun that was brought to the market last year. I can only assume that KDS9C stands for “Kimber double stack 9 compact”, which properly describes exactly what it is.

New Rost Martin RM1C – First Look, First Shots and First Impressions

Introducing the Rost Martin RM1C: a compact and reliable 9mm pistol with a striker-fired design. Learn more about this American-made firearm.

2 - The World’s First Bullpup Pistol-to-Rifle Conversion Kit: Meta Tactical’s APEX-Series (Full Review)

The World’s First Bullpup Pistol-to-Rifle Kit: Meta Tactical’s APEX-Series

The APEX-Series won’t be for everyone. But for those looking for a unique, useful—not to mention fun—pistol-caliber carbine, look no further.

The Truth Behind The New Sig MCX Regulator [VIDEO]

Watch the SIG MCX Regulator Video Meet the SIG MCX Regulator: the new kid on the block from SIG SAUER that’s stirring the pot and making waves. It’s built on the tried-and-true MCX platform but brings its own flavor to the table, aiming to shake up what we think of when we hear “ranch [...]

The P365-AXG Legion from SIG Sauer.

Carry Gun Perfection? P365-AXG Legion — SHOT Show 2024

The P365-AXG Legion, as Mike explained, is essentially the X-Comp with a significant upgrade – an aluminum grip and frame.