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The P365-AXG Legion from SIG Sauer.

Carry Gun Perfection? P365-AXG Legion — SHOT Show 2024

The P365-AXG Legion, as Mike explained, is essentially the X-Comp with a significant upgrade – an aluminum grip and frame.

A man shoots the RIA 5.0E handgun at the range during SHOT Show 2024.

Enhanced Performance with a Bold Edge: The RIA 5.0E — SHOT Show 2024

Introducing the RIA 5.0E – the latest evolution in the RIA-USA series, where the “E” stands for enhanced. Riley Baxter takes this updated gun to the firing line at Industry Day at the Range during SHOT Show 2024.

The XTEN Endure from SIG Sauer.

SIG’s P320 XTEN ENDURE — SHOT Show 2024

This new offering from SIG Sauer is a testament to their commitment to innovative design and functionality, especially for firearms used in demanding outdoor conditions.

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Will HIVIZ Iron Sights Work Through Night Vision?

Daylight, dark, night vision – no job is too tough for HIVIZ H3 Iron Sights! Find out why they are perfect for the Glock 19 in this video.

0 - Icarus Precision Aluminum Lower For Sig P365 X Macro (Test and Review)

Icarus Precision Aluminum Lower For Sig P365 X Macro (Test and Review)

Maximize your SIG P365 XMacro’s capabilities with the Icarus Precision A.C.E. XMacro grip module. Watch the video to learn more!

3 - AR-15 Evolution: 51Fifty’s Evolve-15 Rifle

AR-15 Evolution: 51Fifty’s Evolve-15 Rifle

51Fifty’s Apex Series Evolve-15 is the only AR-15 system of its kind – no other like it on Earth. Read how the innovative features are differ

0 - Echelon Suppressor Test

Suppressor Testing On The New Springfield Echelon 9mm

GunsAmerica’s Editor-in-Chief, True Pearce, had a chance to put the new Springfield Echelon 9mm through suppressor testing

The Rise of 2011s - Are 1911s Dead?

2011 Pistols – Are 1911s Dead?

In the last 10 years, a variation of the 1911 pistol has taken over the competitive space and the everyday carry and duty scene. This pistol is the double-stack variant of the ever-popular 1911, known as the 2011.

A SCAR and MP5 SBR sit in a truck seat.

A Christmas Wishlist: 5 Guns You Should Gift To Yourself

We can’t rely on our significant other to pick up on the not-so-subtle hints that we’ve been dropping all year. So, Why not grant your own wishes by giving yourself one, or all, of my favorite guns using your hard-earned cash?

The Extar EP45 - Big Bore Subgun

The Extar EP45 – Big Bore Subgun

What started with a standard 9mm large format AR-type pistol has evolved into the EP45. This is a 45 ACP, large-format pistol. I mentioned it’s ARish, but it’s not an AR-15.