Understanding Safariland’s Holster Retention [Video]

Join GunsAmerica’s Editor-in-Chief as he sits down with Dave Higenbottom at the Full Spectrum Warrior facility in Florida for an in-depth exploration of Safariland’s advanced retention holsters. In this detailed discussion, viewers will learn about the various levels of retention — from Level 1 to Level 4 — and see firsthand how these mechanisms are tested in dynamic scenarios ranging from room clearing to combative situations.

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This interview is essential for anyone interested in the security features of their holsters, whether they are law enforcement professionals, security personnel, or private gun owners. Dave explains the evolution of holster retention technology, from simple snaps to the sophisticated systems used today, which ensure that your firearm remains secure in the most challenging situations.

For more information on Safariland holsters and to view their products, visit the Safariland Holsters website.

Safariland Retention holster with the True hanging from  the gun.
GunsAmerica’s True Pearce hanging from a real gun in a Safariland retention holster.
Safariland ALS Holsters
We did a lot of testing trying to get the guns out of holsters. We never got them out so we actually had to train with the gun already out.
Walther PDP pistol
We used Walther PDP 9mm pistol with C+H Precision red dots and Modlite lights in the Safariland ALS Holsters.
Gun in Safariland holster
The Walther PDP in a Safariland light bearing retention holster.

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