New Rost Martin RM1C – First Look, First Shots and First Impressions

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The firearms market welcomes a new contender with the introduction of the RM1C, the premier offering from Rost Martin, a new American firearms manufacturer based in Dallas, Texas. The RM1C is a compact, striker-fired pistol chambered in 9mm. Check out the video above where you can see True Pearce shoot, test the trigger pull, and break down he RM1C.

Rost Martin RM1C right side
Rost Martin RM1C

Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon unboxing, the RM1C presents itself in a straightforward cardboard box, housing the pistol alongside two magazines: one flush-fitting 15-round and one extended 17-round, both sporting an American flag on the base pad. The packaging also includes an instruction manual, two back straps (small and large, with a medium pre-installed), a trigger lock, and an RMR Red Dot plate, signifying the pistol’s optics-ready nature.

Design and Features

  • MSRP: $459
  • Colors: Available in Black, Stone Gray, FDE
  • Frame: Durable black polymer
  • Grip Width: 1.1 inches for a secure, comfortable hold
  • Overall Length: 7.1 inches, maintaining compactness without sacrificing grip space
  • Slide: Nitrocarburized steel slide treated with Tenifer® for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance
  • Barrel: A 4″ hammer-forged barrel ensures accuracy and longevity
  • Sights: A classic setup with a black serrated rear and a white dot front sight
  • Magazines: Comes with one 15-round and one 17-round magazine
  • Weight: 21.1 oz. with the flush mag and 21.5 oz. with the extended mag
  • Trigger: A smooth 5-pound Double Action Striker system provides a clean break and a short reset
Rost Martin RM1C from the top
RM1C has slide serations for gripping the slide as well as serrations reducing glare on the back, top, and sights.

Optics-ready from the get-go, the RM1C is designed to accept a wide range of popular optic footprints, enhancing its versatility. The Responsive Grip Texturing (RGT) ensures a secure grip under various conditions, and its low bore axis, paired with the hammer-forged barrel, gives us hope for great accuracy, and muzzle control.

Rost Martin RM1C cocking indicator
RM1C has a cocking indicator in the back shown by the red dot.

Performance Review

Our firsthand experience with the RM1C involved some light testing, including an accuracy assessment and trigger pull evaluation. The pistol exhibited a reliable performance, with a smooth trigger pull averaging slightly above the advertised 5 pounds, offering a crisp break and a short reset. The accuracy testing, conducted at 10 yards, demonstrated the RM1C’s potential for tight groupings, further affirming its competitive edge in the market.

Rost Martin RM1C Right side in a Ransom Multical Rest

Final Thoughts

The RM1C from Rost Martin impresses with its detailed craftsmanship, comprehensive features, and affordable pricing. It stands as a testament to American ingenuity in the firearms industry, offering a reliable and feature-rich option for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Visit Rost Martin by Clicking HERE

Rost Martin RM1C magazines
The RM RM1C ships with tow mags.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the RM1C suitable for beginners? A: Yes, its ergonomic design and manageable recoil make it a solid choice for beginners.

Q: Can the RM1C be customized with aftermarket parts? A: Given its compatibility with popular optic footprints and pistol lights, along with interchangeable back straps, the RM1C offers ample customization options.

Q: How does the RM1C compare to other compact pistols in terms of price and features? A: The RM1C is competitively priced at $459 MSRP, offering features usually reserved for higher-priced models, making it a great value.

Q: Is the RM1C reliable for everyday carry (EDC)? A: While the RM1C shows great potential, like any firearm, it should undergo thorough testing by the individual user to ensure it meets their reliability standards for EDC.

Q: Where can I purchase the RM1C? A: The RM1C can be purchased through authorized Rost Martin dealers. For the most current information on availability, visit the Rost Martin website.

Rost Martin RM1C Top Right side

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