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Targeted Home Invasion in Newport Beach Turns Deadly

When police arrived, one of the suspects was found “lying in the street and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.” He had a handgun near him on the ground.

‘Heroic’ 85-Year-Old Woman Takes Down Home Invader with Her .357

Investigators say her home was chosen because Condon knew she would not be able to get help. He intended to prey on the fact that she was old and alone to steal from and potentially murder her. 

3 - The Home Defense Easy Button

Firearms For Home Defense – The Pros, Cons, & Easy Buttons

Home defense is always a fun topic. It’s one that we often overthink, but for good reason. Our home is our sanctuary, our hideaway, our safe space.

Suspect Breaks Into Two Homes, Shot By Homeowner

At around 2 a.m. Monday morning, the intruder, who appeared to be intoxicated, broke into an apartment. The small apartment was attached to a main home. 

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76-Year-Old Florida Homeowner Shoots Burglar Who Attacked His Wife

A 76-year-old Florida homeowner woke up to find his wife being attacked last week and shot the burglar in the shoulder. 

Arlington Teens Break Into Car, Start Shootout With Homeowner 

Arlington Teens Break Into Car, Start Shootout With Homeowner 

“You can’t run to the well too many times without getting caught. Stop the stupidity, because you are going to end up getting hurt.”

Crazy LA Man Shot After Forcing Entry Into Neighbor’s Home

‘I am God. I am God’ — Mentally Unstable Man Shot After Forcing Entry Into Neighbor’s Home

According to KTLA5, the incident started when the man, identified by neighbors as Alex, began vandalizing a Porsche. He shattered out the back window and was reportedly yelling in the street. 

WATCH: California Homeowner Shoots, Protects Family From Intruders

WATCH: California Man Defends Family Against Armed Intruders

A California homeowner fired his concealed gun last weekend to protect his wife and baby after armed intruders attacked him. 

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Hollywood Hills Homeowner Shoots Intruder 

The woman and her husband had heard the intruder yelling from outside. He claimed to be injured and was insisting he be let inside. 

Buckshot: Shooting it Through Drywall and Doors [Video]

Buckshot: Shooting it Through Drywall and Doors [Video]

https://youtu.be/KBpHwPe614c?si=ghgzoAM2he1rJeSm In this YouTube video, we provide an in-depth analysis of Winchester buckshot, examining its composition, performance, and versatility. Join us as we break down this renowned ammunition, exploring its internal components, and showcasing its effectiveness in various scenarios. Unveiling the Anatomy Discover the intricate internal structure of Winchester buckshot. Witness the amalgamation of lead [...]