‘I am God. I am God’ — Mentally Unstable Man Shot After Forcing Entry Into Neighbor’s Home

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A man, described as “unstable,” was shot this week in the Hollywood Hills after he forced entry into his neighbor’s home.

According to KTLA5, the incident started when the man, identified by neighbors as Alex, began vandalizing a Porsche. He shattered the back window and was reportedly yelling in the street. 

Some witnesses reported that he was yelling, “I am God, I am God.”

His neighbor, a homeowner, went outside to confront Alex. At some point, Alex forced entry into the neighbor’s home. 

Shots Fired

Alex was asked to leave and refused. The homeowner “retrieved a firearm and shot the subject,” Charles Miller, from the LAPD, said. 

Police received a 911 call from the homeowner around 11 a.m. They were told the incident was an assault with a deadly weapon. 

After officials arrived, the injured Alex was taken to the hospital. According to Fox11, he is in stable condition.

According to KTLA5, police reported, “The bullet wound is non-life-threatening.”

An Unstable Man

Alex “appeared to be undergoing some type of episode,” Miller said. “But it’s unknown if there’s anything prior.” 

According to ABC7, a man named Steve Costello had spoken with Alex less than 20 minutes before the incident. 

“Sounded disturbed,” Costello said, “I sensed mental illness. He was really sporadical and really nervous.” 

Costello had been planning to purchase a car from Alex that day, and when texts went unanswered, he drove over and found the yellow tape. 

Hopefully He’ll Get Some Help

Neighbors, who chose to remain unidentified, expressed concern. “He’s mentally unstable, he really needs help and there’s been repeated instances where he’s cried for help, so to speak.”

The consensus among these neighbors seems to be that this event will hopefully lead Alex to get help. 

The investigation is ongoing. Miller emphasized that “There’s no threat to the public.” This was not a burglary and the homeowner was questioned and released. 

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There are some unstable people out there who do crazy things. You never know how crazy they might get, so it’s smart to be prepared like this homeowner was.

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    You know they say, “ Land of fruits and nuts”. Kalifornia does not disappoint. lol

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    ‘he was listed in stable condition”……more like “unstable condition”……..effing kalifornia krazy’s heh-heh

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