The Brand New KelTec R50 5.7 Carbine and KSG410 Shotgun — SHOT Show 2023

The Brand New KelTec R50 5.7 Carbine and KSG410 Shotgun -- SHOT Show 2023
KelTec R50 5.7 Carbine

If lightweight, maneuverable, and easy-to-handle firearms are interesting to you, then you better start paying attention to KelTec.

At SHOT Show 2023, KelTec showed off a miniature bullpup KSG chambered in 410 that is lightweight with virtually no recoil. They also unveiled the new R50 5.7 Carbine which is built upon their famed P50 pistol but features a full-length 16-inch barrel and folding stock. 

R50 5.7 Carbine

The Brand New KelTec R50 5.7 Carbine and KSG410 Shotgun -- SHOT Show 2023
Stock folded and sitting tight with the bottom receiver of the Key-Tec R50.

Very similar to the tried and true KelTec P50 pistol, the R50 rifle features a 16-inch threaded barrel and folding stock to make quite an effective and compact package.

Due to the design, there is no need for a buffer tube and the R50 still ends up with an overall length shorter than AR pistols or other AR-style SBRs. It features a Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver ready for any modern optics and runs off of 50-round standard capacity magazines for the FN P90. 

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The top of the receiver pops open to reload the R50, and then clamps back down tight. While reloads take a little longer than with some other platforms, they won’t be needed as often due to the 50-round capacity.

Also, 5.7x28mm fired from a 16-inch barrel is zipping through the air fast! This is a pretty sweet setup if you ask me. 

The Brand New KelTec R50 5.7 Carbine and KSG410 Shotgun -- SHOT Show 2023
Folding mechanism popped open for changing out magazines.

Featuring a folding stock that can rotate in either direction, the R50 is one compact package. The stock felt fairly comfortable and was quick to deploy. Utilizing grooves in the side of the receiver, the stock stows away well.

The R50 5.7 Carbine should be available somewhere between July-August and will have a posted MSRP of around $825. 


  • CALIBER: 5.7 x 28mm
  • WEIGHT UNLOADED: 3.48lbs
  • BARREL LENGTH: 16.1″
  • TWIST” 1:7″
  • TRIGGER PULL: 5lbs

KSG410 Shotgun

The Brand New KelTec R50 5.7 Carbine and KSG410 Shotgun -- SHOT Show 2023
KelTec KSG410

KelTec was happy to show off its newest shotgun, the KSG410. The Rep told us that it is the “lightest, thinnest and shortest 410 bullpup shotgun in the world.”

Maintaining the dual tubes like the traditional KSG, the KSG410 is able to hold 5 + 5 + 1 three-inch shells. It also features a carry handle grip with a fiber-optic sighting system similar to the KS7. 


  • CALIBER: .410 Bore
  • MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 5 + 5 + 1 (3″ shells)
  • BARREL LENGTH: 18.5″
  • TRIGGER PULL: 5lbs

Coming in at just only 1.7 inches wide, the KSG410 is a very slim platform. Especially so, due to the fact that it incorporates dual tubes for larger shell capacity.

It also weighs in at a mere 5.4 pounds so it can be easily managed by nearly all age groups. While 410 is still a competent round, the KSG410 was built to fire these rounds while being “virtually recoilless by any pump-action shotgun standards.”

The Brand New KelTec R50 5.7 Carbine and KSG410 Shotgun -- SHOT Show 2023
Dual tubes sitting just under the barrel of the KSG410.

The KSG410 should be available around Q3 and will have an MSRP of about $495. To read more about the KelTec KSG410, click HERE.

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  • bob h March 13, 2023, 3:41 pm

    I’ll begin by saying I have no issues with firearms like the KelTec R50. I do wish however that reviewers and manufacturers avoid phrases like “shooting storm trooper style”. Phrases like that just fire up the antis and they’re already hysterical enough.

  • Jason B February 2, 2023, 5:10 pm

    Yeah, make a version of the KS7 in the most expensive of the common shotgun bores. You can find target ammo for 12ga for about $.25/rnd, 20ga is around $.37, .410 is $.75-80 on the cheap end. Closer to $2/rnd and for any kind of buckshot or hybrid defensive load.

  • James Spangler February 2, 2023, 11:29 am

    Hey, I gotta know. Will the KSG-410 accept 45 Long Colt like the Taurus Judge?

  • Jim Farmer February 2, 2023, 9:14 am

    and very soon coming to a street thug near you . . .

  • Mike in a Truck February 2, 2023, 8:31 am

    With an R50 now I can be the Secret Agent Man like when I was a kid. Dreams do come true..sorta.

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