War With Russia – The West Wants Resources 1:22Hr Movie

If you are stomping your feet and screaming “NO, NOT AGAIN” over this thing with Russia, you are not alone. Those of us who lived through the Cold War, up through the Ronald Reagan era, were very happy to dispose of the Russian threat when the Berlin Wall came down. We gave Russia billions in aid did we not? So why are we rattling sabers over a passenger jet that the Russian’s clearly did not shoot down. They have no reason to shoot it down! Why would they do that? It’s stupid. The government has yet to show us one shred of real evidence as to why they thought the Russians did it to begin with.

If you care to investigate, this movie is almost one and half hours, and the beginning explains why Germany has invaded Russia not once, not twice, not three times, but four times throughout the last millennium. Russia is the largest country in the world, one sixth of the world’s surface, and three times larger than the US. Their natural resources are unfathomable, even back when this documentary was made after WWII.

It plays something like a Russian PR film, but it apparently was made in America by our government, and it has some amazing quotes from the biggest leaders of the WWII era praising Russia’s role in the war. Russia had been at war with the Germans for some time before the US got involved in December of 1941 after Pearl Harbor. Many would argue that by D-Day, the Russians had already dealt Germany a death blow of defeat, and that America only came in and cleaned up the mess so that the Russians couldn’t take over all of Europe.

Why are we rattling sabers about Russia? Germany still wants Russia, and Germany just asked us for a whole bunch of their gold back and we refused. Anyone smell something?

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  • Russ August 4, 2014, 7:34 pm

    JCitizen, you sound like you got it right, but you may be missing one thing.
    Our Domestic Terrorist and Chief is buddies with Iran ,Russia, China and pretty much all of our enemies. And he doesn’t like Americans that stand up for our Constitution.
    Especially those Horrible Liberty & Freedom loving Tea Party people.
    We’ve been infiltrated but no one wants to believe it. They can’t believe it.
    Ask yourself; If you were the NME, would you do anything different than what Obama’s doing right now?
    1. Dividing the people
    2. Spying and compiling as much information possible.
    3. Sending business overseas, while making it harder to start new business here.
    4. Regulating or stopping us from producing our natural energy resources.
    5. Making laws to strip you of your rights, especially when it comes to firearms and ammunition.
    6. Downsizing every aspect of our Military.
    etc. etc, just way too much to list
    Right at this moment he’s flooding our country with non Americans that may be terrorist, gangsters, have contagious or incurable diseases (Ebola) and at the very least, dependent on our government resources.
    So get ready for those resources to run out, and the diseases to spread, while the gangsters and terrorist rise up.
    I guess the civil unrest will help him out to come take you and your guns away.
    It’s probably a lot deeper than we all can Imagine.
    Russia is just one piece of the distracting puzzle.
    I say this with sincerity, Good Luck.

    • JCitizen August 5, 2014, 12:40 am

      Although I like Obama’s personality, and if I knew him, I may even be a friend; he is just a typical Chicago political hack – and for that area, he’s probably considered a good one. I think the Liberal policies of the left have their leaders veritably frozen with fear that some kind of mistake may not only blow up in their faces, but even worse, make them look less than LEFT, if you know what I mean. When you look at the fortunes of Chicago, it isn’t hard to understand why things have got so bad for the US too! Bad policy is destroying Detroit and Chicago, and the same bad policies are doing the US the same. Seems pretty simple to me. I imagine it is only by the hard work of the rest of the State of Illinois that it hasn’t collapsed altogether – but as in California under Governor Brown, maybe reality is finally taking hold – too bad Washington is so far into LA-LA-Land that they can never see that!

      • dink winkerson August 6, 2014, 10:13 am

        Personally, Obama is a lying, conniving, back stabbing, arrogant, egotistical piece of shit. If that’s your kinda guy, your in sad shape.

  • JCitizen August 4, 2014, 1:03 pm

    The one factor that disturbs me the most about this Ukraine conflict is the fact that the world brokered a deal that if Ukraine would give up the nuclear weapons that the U.S.S.R. had left behind after the collapse, then Ukraine’s sovereignty would be guaranteed. Now the spineless world is giving all promises up for appeasement, and this will be a lesson Iran or any other country participating in nuclear proliferation, will never forget. Never again will such a deal be struck to give up one’s weapons for promises of safety! This is the truly tragic lesson of the times! If Hitler had been stopped in his tracks before he got out of control, it might have staved off WW2. What will happen if we show weakness to Putin? Will his ambitions go out of control? Are we doomed to repeat history once again? Will every two bit hood in rogue nations decide to hold the world hostage with nuclear weapons, and / or start an full blown nuclear exchange that explodes into WW3? These are not trifling factors here – we must take the rights steps and listen to history, or be doomed to repeat it – and probably for the last time, as history will end for human beings on this earth.

  • jdkchem August 1, 2014, 10:50 am

    “Russia had been at war with the Germans for some time before the US got involved in December of 1941 after Pearl Harbor.”

    Wrong. Molitov-Von Ribbontrop Pact lasted until late June of 1941 when Hitler commenced operation Barbarossa. By the time the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor the Germans were on the outskirts of Moscow. Hardly dealing the “death blow” to the Germans. By 1944 stalin was begging for the US to invade France.

    The Russians provided the means for the separatists to shoot down the airliner. This is fact that is corroborated by numerous other countries. Your claim that Russia had been at war with the Germans for some time and had pretty much defeated the Germans by the time the US entered the war is Soviet propaganda. If this was about resources invading Africa would be far easier. Even the Chinese know this.
    Why are you shilling for Putin?
    Before you go off on the government shill snark remember that earlier this year you had no clue what an LAV is and that there were multiple configurations. Or that the vehicles would be transported by rail. Your ignorant assumption was the government was sending armored vehicles never before seen to terrorize citizens. Feel free to look like a moron and stick to playing jesse ventura.

    • Administrator August 1, 2014, 11:45 am

      Why don’t you watch the movie silly. OMG is this yet another shill with the plane stuff? And again with the LAV thing lol. This guy either drank the coolaid or is on the payroll.

    • rhkramer August 16, 2014, 8:57 am

      I’m not sure I’m on either side of this argument, but you should read more carefully–he didn’t say that Russia had dealt Germany a death blow before the US entered the war, but that might have happened by D-Day–that’s at least a two year difference:

      “Many would argue that by D-Day, the Russians had already dealt Germany a death blow of defeat, and that America only came in and cleaned up the mess so that the Russians couldn’t take over all of Europe. “

      • Administrator August 16, 2014, 8:43 pm

        They don’t read or care, nor will they be back. Internet comments give a voice and opinion who deserve neither.

  • Matthew August 1, 2014, 6:58 am

    “passenger jet that the Russian’s clearly did not shoot down” really we know that the Russians provided the missile and the people that know how to use the missle so to me the Russians did shoot it down. These dumb seperaist didn’t built that missle come on now I thought you guys were smarter than that.

    • Administrator August 1, 2014, 8:14 am

      Wow the government shills showed up quick on this one folks. Our tax dollars at work!

      • greyfox72 August 4, 2014, 1:40 pm

        Come on now. If you wish to quote history then don’t forget to recall that Hitler started WWII in the same manner the Russians have begun in Ukraine. Hitler just marched in and took Austria, he marched in and took the Sudetenland, he marched in and took Czechoslovakia. All this time fools like Chamberlain were trying to get Hitler to sign a piece of paper saying he wouldn’t do it again. Hitler signed. Chamberlain waved the paper for cameras. Hitler then marched into Poland under the most obvious of phoney reasons and WWII was launched. About 80 million dead later, piece came to Europe again. This is exactly what Putin is doing. He hopes people like you will ignore the important history and help him subjugate all those in the Crimea, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Baltic’s, etc., etc. Putin is a former KGB thug who wishes to recreate the old Soviet Union bloc of eastern European countries and add some of the far eastern “stans” to the mix. He is also playing nice with China. Really, sir, you need to wake up and smell the blood being spilled by Putin and his henchmen and fellow travelers.

    • Les Williamson August 4, 2014, 8:14 pm

      Yes and the Russians also supplied Ukraine with the exact same missile defense system. So now who do you think shot the plan down. Answer…..who has the most to loose over this Separatist and Russia. Who has the most to gain out of it? Ukraine. Ukraine shot the plan down or the Ukraine had their military jets flowing so close to it the separatist thought it was a military jet. What airline in there right mind flies over a war zone?

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