Washington State Signs an Entire Industry’s Death Warrant: Goodbye FFLs!

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In a video this week Washington Gun Law President William Kirk highlighted the passage of House Bill 2118 by the Washington State Senate.

The bill, which narrowly passed with 28 votes for and 21 against, is now heading back to the House for reconciliation before reaching the Governor’s desk.

Kirk described HB 2118 as a significant threat to the Federal Firearms License (FFL) industry. Despite some amendments aimed at lessening the impact on small businesses, he expressed concern that the bill’s stringent requirements would effectively “kill” the FFL industry.

The bill mandates extensive surveillance and retrofitting requirements for firearms dealers. Kirk pointed out that these regulations would disproportionately affect small, rural FFLs, potentially driving many out of business.

Per HB 2118, FFLs with annual sales over $1,000 must (H/T NRA-ILA):

  • Conduct annual background checks on employees.
  • Carry $1 million in liability insurance.
  • Install steel doors or bars at their premises.
  • Adhere to stringent storage and security system requirements.
  • Maintain 24-hour audio and video surveillance.

Senator Linda Wilson made a passionate speech against the bill, arguing that it unfairly targets legal firearms dealers and does little to address the actual sources of stolen firearms.

She emphasized the bill’s potential to destroy thousands of jobs and harm law-abiding citizens without effectively reducing gun-related crimes.

Despite fierce opposition, the bill is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee. Kirk urged viewers to stay informed and prepared for potential legal challenges once the bill becomes law.

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The effective date for HB 2118 is set for July 1, 2025, providing some FFLs time to adapt. However, Kirk cautioned that for many, the new regulations could mean the end of their businesses.

As the debate continues, both supporters and opponents of HB 2118 are bracing for its significant impact on the state’s firearm industry and Second Amendment rights. As always, stay tuned for updates.

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  • Dr. Ben Dover March 6, 2024, 12:12 pm

    Inslee and Ferguson are domestic enemies of the Constitution and America. They both should be arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to death for treasonous activities against America and the Constitution.

  • Mark N. March 4, 2024, 11:33 pm

    This became law in California on January 1, 2024. Table top FFLs, who cannot possibly afford the number of cameras (every entrance and exit, any place guns are displayed, and any place firearm sales are processed) to be videotaped 24/7 and stored for three years, plus the additional security requirements above and beyond a big safe, will vanish. Mine did, and the worst part about it is that he was the only dealer who charged $25 transfer fee for an internet purchase (while all the brick and mortar stores charge $75 to $100 even if they do not carry that particular firearm). The large chain stores are unaffected.

  • Mark N. March 4, 2024, 12:25 am

    Copycats! California’s substantially identical law went into effect January 1 of this year. It hasn’t shut any shops (yet), but I suspect all the table top FFLs are now history, or waiting for the crackdown. My favorite tabletop guy has closed up shop because there is no way he can comply with the video requirements at his home much less the lengthy video storage requirement for 24/7 surveillance. But I think that that was the point of the bill anyway. The fewer FFLs the better.

  • Alex March 3, 2024, 3:17 pm

    So how will this affect the state agencies that need to buy their hardware?

    • Mark N. March 4, 2024, 12:27 am

      The large (chain) stores will remain in business because they can afford to pay to meet the requirements.

  • Jacob March 3, 2024, 11:58 am

    Yep this about does it for Washington. It’s amazing how misguided people are. Can’t wait to leave.

  • Dale March 3, 2024, 1:22 am

    Illinois has a similar law, perhaps even more stringent, and it’s worked exactly as intended; it’s put literally half the dealers in the state out of business. In my little shop, I’ve quit doing sales and transfers and do strictly gunsmithing. Most shops in the state are built on sales and don’t have gunsmithing capabilities to keep the doors open. If there is any way, KILL THIS BILL DEAD AND BURY IT DEEP!

  • Kane March 2, 2024, 8:22 pm

    William Kirk and Mark Smith are just two of the many great voices of 2A rights.

  • Beckaroo March 1, 2024, 9:23 am

    Due to the malicious nature of this bill, the immediate devastating effect it will have on businesses and the fact that the appeal would almost certainly be denied by the ultra liberal district court, it should be entertained by the Supreme Court on an emergency status. Otherwise this how freedom dies.

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