Buying a Gun for Your Girl this Holiday Season? Five things to Remember

EDITOR’s NOTE: The following was written by Danielle Thompson, Press Secretary for the National Association for Gun Rights.  You can read some of her other work at  

Danielle Thompson, the press secretary for the National Association for Gun Rights. (Photo: Human Events)

Danielle Thompson, the press secretary for the National Association for Gun Rights. (Photo: Human Events)

Men, you can get a little creative on this one. Let’s pick out the perfect firearm for the lady in your life, one she can use to protect her and her loved ones, take on her next hunting trip, or bring to the range for a day. Here are some tips to nail the perfect gift:

1. What is her need?

You need to think about what her use will be for this firearm. Does she want to conceal or open carry, have a firearm in the home for self-defense, or use it for sporting purposes like hunting?

2. Pre-Shop

Don’t assume you know what she will like best, she might not even know. Consider taking her to a gun shop or show to see what she picks. She may want a small .380 or 9mm to conceal carry or she may be a badass and want an AR-15.

3. Recoil

I am not going to speak for all women on this topic, but recoil is something to consider, especially if the woman in your life is new to firearms. This can be an issue if the weapon kicks back in that person’s hand and can create a safety hazard for themselves and others. A smaller caliber tends to cut down on the amount of recoil experienced when firing the weapon.

My preferred caliber for a handgun is a 9mm, which has very little recoil and comes in many easily manageable weights and sizes. The AR-15 is also a great option with little recoil if you are looking to purchase her a rifle.

4. Customizing

Women, like men, love the look of their guns, whether it’s a personalized engraving, custom-color or a unique wrap.

You can custom engrave any firearm with a special message or symbol for your girlfriend that will leave her awed with your thoughtfulness. A more cost-effective customization could also be a custom color to show off her personality or a unique wrap in a variety of designs. My favorites are the patriotic wraps many places offer.

5. Buy for her, not for you.

Remember, you are buying a firearm that will best fit her and her needs. Don’t have the expectation that the gun will morph into yours in the future. Also, buy her a reliable piece that she can count on for many years.

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  • Tommy Thompson December 2, 2014, 1:11 pm

    We all also need to remember not to make a “straw purchase”. I’m not sure how to get the paperwork done for a gift gun; but, I’m sure the FFL will. Don’t give the BATF any “ammo” that you don’t want them to have. You may end up unable to surprise her with the gift; but, that’s a lot better than not buying her one!

    • dink winkerson December 2, 2014, 1:52 pm

      If you read the form in it’s entirety you’ll find you can “gift ” the gun. On the back of the form they run a scenario EXACTLY based on this problem/question.

  • Russ December 2, 2014, 12:42 pm

    Danielle Thompson is well qualified to give you the advise you need.
    In fact she gave you more than you needed.
    It’s as simple as this; Treat the female in your life exactly the way you would want her to treat you when gifting a firearm.

  • Life +20 . December 2, 2014, 10:56 am

    I bought a gun for my wife .The look on her face when i pulled it out .Priceless Posted from Stark

  • Lying Bastard December 2, 2014, 8:08 am


    1) AR15 != badass. It’s just a carbine with its good and bad points.
    2) Grab all your prejudices and opinionated opinions and leave them in a drawer at home. Let her choose something *she* likes. If you have to teach her something, just tell them that the most important thing she needs to look for is how it feels in her hands, specially when she shoots it. Second is: can she operate the gun? But that really is a subset of the previous item. Everything else — size, weight, colour, number of fuzzy dices — comes after.
    3) Tell her this does not need to be the only gun she will ever have in her life. Maybe she will like to replace it later. Maybe she will want to start her own collection.
    4) Featherweight guns suck hairy balls, specially if you are learning to shoot. A full size metal pistol (1911 in .45 ACP comes to mind) has less recoil than a P238 (yes, shooting .380). Second worst thing you can do to a girl IMHO is to give a barbie 1oz tiny gun shooting even .380.

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