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What the House Just Did to Protect Veterans’ 2A Rights

“No veteran should be considered ‘defective’ simply because they need help managing their finances; and they certainly shouldn’t be forwarded to DOJ for additional screening because of it,” he continued.

Gun-free zones are murder magnets.

Eliminating These May Reduce Mass Shooting Deaths, Study Finds

This result is consistent with the study’s premise. If individuals are willing to commit severe crimes and die in the act, they are unlikely to be deterred by laws with less serious consequences.

Bloomberg's 2A Lies on Full Display During Fox News Town Hall

Bloomberg Law Article Says SCOTUS Bruen Decision Is Confusing — Is It?

“Bruen is straightforward. Justice Clarence Thomas’s majority opinion threw out the lower courts’ use of interest-balancing tests, which were unconstitutional from inception. No other right was subjected to multiple steps to determine if that right belongs to individuals and not to the government to treat as a privilege that can be doled out according to the whims of bureaucrats,” he said via email.

Tennessee Arms Co. Taking Pre-Orders for Hybrid Glock Mag AR Lowers

Lawmakers Want to Tax AR Lowers to Close ‘Loophole,’ Use Revenue to Fund Gun Control

“There are better things to do with taxpayer dollars and time,” Keane asserts. “Introducing do-nothing bills is the antithesis of ‘doing something.’ These Members of Congress should be focused on holding criminals accountable instead of chasing headlines.”

Ruger Reintroduces the Marlin 1894 Lever-Action Rifle

“We’re very excited to introduce our first Ruger-made Marlin Model 1894,” said Ruger President and CEO, Chris Killoy. “We have spent many months working to make this rifle the best it can be.”

Biden At Safer Communities Summit: ‘We will ban assault weapons in this country’

President Joe Biden called for stricter gun control at the Safer Communities Summit at the University of Hartford, Connecticut, this past Friday.

Bank of America Will Still Stop Lending to AR Makers Despite Giving Loan to Remington

Lawmakers Expand Investigation Into Banks Sharing Gun Owner Info with FBI

Chairmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) are turning up the heat on banks, broadening their investigation into voluntary customer data sharing with the FBI.

Magpul's Highly Anticipated Braces Now Shipping! On the Eve of Possible Regulation

House Passes Pistol Brace Repeal Resolution!

“We’ve seen – from the very beginning – [President] Biden wants to take away gun rights of law-abiding citizens. He’s tried it multiple different ways, but coming through the backdoor – trying to retroactively make felons out of people, including military veterans who lost limbs fighting for our freedoms – is shameful, and we’re standing up against that,” he said.

Catholic Cardinal Calls for Americans to Voluntarily Surrender 2A Rights

But, is becoming less dangerous, less capable of defending ourselves, the right path to societal peace?

Springfield’s NEW Saint Pistol in 300 Blackout (Full Review)

Biden Pistol Brace Ban Blocked! But Are You Covered? Read to Find Out!

Over the past week, there’s been a rapid succession of legal decisions and solid stances in the name of safeguarding 2A rights.