Doublestack .380 Coming from SCCY Firearms – SHOT Show 2017

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The .380, otherwise known as the 9mm Kurtz, will always be a popular cartridge for concealed carry. Guns are just less snappy than with the 9mm, and a less powerful gun that you will shoot and will carry is always better than a more powerful gun that you won’t shoot and carry.

That was the thinking with the new SCCY doublestack .380. They already make a small doublestack 9mm that has gained a decent name for itself, especially when you factor in cost. So it was a natural addition to add the lower powered, and less intimidating .380 to the line.

You can’t beat the SCCY warranty.

Small and concealable. Great for everyday carry.

SCCY has a really good warranty policy. The gun is always covered, no matter how many times it has changed hands and no matter who owns it. That translates to good resale value, because the company understands that often you’ll start with an inexpensive gun and move up to a more robust platform after you’ve done some shooting.

Capacity is 10+1.

The SCCY CPX-3, chambered in.380!

Hopefully we’ll get one of these new .380s in for testing when it is ready to come to market. That gun at the booth was not even a prototype yet, so April is probably ambitious. Meanwhile, try the 9mm maybe. If you are looking for an entry level gun, the SCCY is not a bad option. The CPX-1 has a manual safety. The CPX-2 does not. Other than that they are pretty the same doublestack 10+1 9mm, in a whole bunch of colors.

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  • Paul February 1, 2017, 9:05 am

    Those looking for a hi cap 380 should look at Bersa’s 380 thunder pro. It is a 15+l .

  • Tom Hogencamp January 28, 2017, 10:07 am

    Bought my 9mm from Gander Mountain about a year ago . They don’t display them , it was from their warehouse. What a great gun for the price….Good job people. And by the way I’m a 2 tour Viet Nam vet . 10 year military.

  • John January 27, 2017, 6:33 pm

    The SCCY CPX-3 was touted at last year’s 2016 Shot Show. Sccy said it would be available Q1 of 2016. Never happened. Then they said September 2016. Never happened. A recent email communication with Sccy’s sales manager on 12/4/16 says: “100% in Q1 of 2017. Early production has already been snatched up, and will be making their way to stores around end of Q1, beginning of Q2” . If they truly don’t have production models, or even a true prototype based on this article, then how is this going to realistically happen?

    I was really looking forward to the new CPX-3, if it happens. The magazine capacity is somewhat questionable. If they were able to 10+1 the 9mm CPX, why can’t we see at least a 11+1 or 12+1 on the .380 platform?

    Time will tell I suppose.

    • Rick K. January 28, 2017, 9:48 am

      I was thinking the same thing as I read this. I’ve been watching for the CPX-3 since I saw a video demo at ’16 SHOT and they promised it by about February. Yet they are still showing a “pre-prototype” at the ’17 show? Something is sorely amiss here and this pistol is coming perilously close to the Vaporware category. As interested as I am in a hi-cap .380 I may have to throw a flag on SCCY and maybe go with a hi-cap Bersa to go along with my Kahr CW380.

      • John January 28, 2017, 10:34 pm

        Agreed. Something is up if it’s taken this long to release after they have already had prototypes and have been teasing us for over a year. More than likely they have been having design issues, manufacturing issues, or some combo of both. The CPX-1&2 feel a little strange in my hand. Almost as if the grip is too wide from front to back, so I was curious to see how than 10% smaller 3 felt. I know it’s only a 6+1, but I just recently purchased a new Ruger LCP II model and am in love with it. Ruger really seems to have to everything with the new model, with the only complaint possibly being the small sights, but it’s styling is killer! And it shoots very nice. In a super tiny package that fits so nicely in my pocket with the included holster that I forget I’m carrying it. I’ve been wanting a Thunder .380 for some time, but there are a couple of other guns that are ahead of it on my list. Including the new P-10C from CZ. I own an P-07 DUTY model which I’m absolutely in love with. I prefer it to guns I own that were twice the price. The new P-10C looks like a winner for sure. Now it’s just a matter of getting in line to get one.

    • Big Mig February 1, 2017, 8:45 am

      The diameter of the .380 casing is identical to the 9mm. If you want more capacity you have to have a longer magazine. The difference between the two is the casing length not the casing diameter.

      • Alan February 1, 2017, 9:23 am

        No, the .380 is NOT “identical” nor dimensionally similar to the 9mm.
        It’s tapered in fact, reducing from the case mouth to the base.
        Repeated reloading actually works the case mouth more than a 9mm die does, so case life is reduced.
        I don’t see the point of a double stack .380, it defeats the purpose of the cartridge.
        And frankly, I don’t find the 9mm THAT much less “snappy”, it really depends on the gun itself to an extent.

        • Kelly Lee February 1, 2017, 4:46 pm

          Really? The 9mm and .380 share the exact same bullet diameter. The only real difference is in the casing,l bullet weights, and powder charge. So, even though Big Mig is incorrect about them being identical, in a discussion on magazine capacity between the two cartridges, yes, they are “dimensionally similar” even though they are not “identical”.

          .380 ACP 9mm
          Bullet diameter .355 in (9.0 mm) 9.01 mm (0.355 in)
          Designer John Browning Georg Luger
          Case type Rimless, straight Rimless, tapered
          Neck diameter .373 in (9.5 mm) 9.65 mm (0.380 in)
          Place of origin United States German Empire
          Base diameter .374 in (9.5 mm) 9.93 mm (0.391 in)
          Maximum pressure 21,500 psi (148 MPa) 235.00 MPa (34,084 psi)
          Rim diameter .374 in (9.5 mm) 9.96 mm (0.392 in)
          Case length .680 in (17.3 mm) 19.15 mm (0.754 in)
          Overall length .984 in (25.0 mm) 29.69 mm (1.169 in)

  • TPSnodgrass January 27, 2017, 2:04 pm

    I would have a LOT more respect for A,erica’s firearms manufacturers, IF, they wouldn’t rush alleged new ,Odell to the Shot Show, for hype reasons only, IF, the manufacturers could get their act together and actually have functioning and working models FIRST!
    Apparently, the manufacturers think we as consumers ARE that stupid.

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