10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Tactical Timmy

Is it coming up on Christmas? Does your husband/wife have an (almost) unhealthy obsession with guns? Do they like to LARP in the forest with their friends, shining weapon-mounted lasers at steel targets while sneaking through the trees? Or do they have things in their life that they value and wish to protect? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might find a helpful gift idea on this list that they would enjoy getting.

1: Adjustable Target Stand

A target stand is fantastic for any avid shooter. The old adage is, “don’t point your gun at anything you do not wish to destroy.” Well, we routinely point our guns at our target and target stand during practice. Even though we do not try to shoot it, it sometimes needs replacing due to our actions. Because of this, I don’t necessarily recommend an expensive stand. Lucky for you, this makes an affordable gift idea. To really complete the gift, maybe add some paper IPSC targets for them to shoot. The U.S. Ballistic Standard Adjustable Steel Target Stand is a sub $20 gift that Timmy will love. You can also find great options on Amazon or other popular sites

Cost: ~$20

Shop some more HERE.

Pictured: Highwild Adjustable Target Stand on amazon.

2: Mojo IFAK

Shooting guns comes with a certain level of risk that you want to be prepared for. An IFAK (individual first aid kit) is handy to have in the event that you or someone you are training with gets hurt. The contents of an IFAK should vary based on the user’s level of first-aid training. Combat Medical’s Mojo IFAK is available with basic, intermediate, and advanced level options that contain different first-aid supplies. Most people will be best suited with the basic Mojo IFAK which is priced around $160, making it much cheaper than a funeral bill.

Cost: $157.95 – $310.00

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Pictured: Combat Medical MOJO Basic IFAK.

3: ATN Odin LT 320 2-4x Thermal Monocular

If Timmy has ever wondered what was lurking in the dark, a thermal monocular would be a great tool for them to answer this question. Unlike Night vision, thermal optics pick up on heat sources and don’t depend on ambient light levels to function. This makes thermal very useful for visualizing living things in the dark, or even in the light. ATN makes a fantastic compact thermal monocular called the Odin LT 320 2-4x that comes in with a $1299 MSRP. Yes, this is expensive and not for everybody, hence why there are 9 other items on this list as suggestions.

Cost: $1299.00

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Pictured: ATN Odin LT 320 2-4x mounted to a helmet for hands-free operation.

4: Wiley X Saber Advanced glasses

A good pair of safety glasses is necessary for all shooting sports. Wiley X makes my favorite safety glasses that are both stylish and functional. The Saber Advanced glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 high velocity impact safety and optical standards, MIL-PREF-32432(GL) ballistic standards, and come in well under $100. My favorite part about these glasses is their ability to swap lenses. If it’s dark out, use a clear lens. Or if it’s bright out, use a shaded lens. I’ve worn mine for years and still have nothing but good things to say.

Cost: $72.00

Shop some more HERE.

Pictured: Wiley X Saber Advanced tactical glasses.

5: Mantis Laser Academy – Standard Training Kit

How much more often would you practice your shooting skills if you could do it from your own home? I know that I’d practice much more, which is important as a gun owner if you are trying to protect yourself and others. The Mantis Laser Academy Standard Training Kit allows you to practice your marksmanship indoors, on your own time. This kit comes with a laser training cartridge, adjustable tripods, smart targets, target stand holders, portable carrying case, and a Mantis Laser Academy access code. Once set up, simply shoot and score. You’ll quickly pay for this kit in saved ammo with current prices.

Cost: $149.00

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Pictured: Mantis Laser Academy – Standard Training Kit.

6: Velocity Systems Scarab LT Plate Carrier

Perhaps your Timmy loves to LARP, works in law enforcement, or Timmy’s friends are a just bit reckless and you’re worried for their safety on routine range-day trips. If this sounds familiar, a stylish and functional plate carrier is a fantastic gift idea that you and Timmy will both love. My first pick is a Velocity Systems Scarab LT plate carrier. I have one with the Scarab LT cummerbund and I think it is comfortable (as far as plate carriers go) and well-built. Depending on some options, this peace of mind will set you back around $300.

Cost: $338.00

Shop some more HERE.

Pictured: Velocity Systems Scarab LT plate carrier.

7: Hesco 4400MC body armor

Naturally, if you are considering buying a plate carrier, you will need plates to go in it. Hesco makes fantastic body armor and the 4400MC is a relatively lightweight multi-curve plate, making it more comfortable to wear than other options. I would choose to go with this level IV plate mainly because any situation in which I could find myself being shot at (intentionally or unintentionally) could involve popular magnum cartridges that many people use for hunting. Again, safety isn’t cheap, and these will cost around $230, but it’s still cheaper than a funeral.

Cost: ~$230

Shop some more HERE.

Pictured: Hesco 4400MC

8: Pact Club Timer III

One tool that is handy to have on the range is a shot timer. These allow the shooter to test their speed in specific accuracy-related drills. This self-aimed competition helps keep you out on the range longer while having more fun and productively honing marksmanship skills or you can challenge a buddy and use a shot timer to keep track of who shoots these drills the fastest. A reliable and affordable option is the PACT Club Timer III. This shot timer has a few different configurable settings and displays several important aspects of engagement such as time to first shot and the time between shots.

Cost: $129.95

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Pictured: Pact Club Timer III

9: Walkers Silencer R600 Rechargeable

If you shoot a lot, it is handy to have ear protection that fits in a pocket and doesn’t get in the way of your shooting experience while wearing it. I also prefer to be able to hear while wearing hearing protection, so I’m not a fan of non-electronic options. Walkers makes a great electronic earbud for hunting and recreational shooting alike: the Silencer R600 Rechargeable. These bluetooth-capable earbuds have about 24 dB of noise reduction and recharge in their carrying case so you never find yourself changing batteries, or trying to turn on a pair of already-dead earbuds. Like a few things on this list, I recommend these and own them myself.

Cost: $249.99

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Pictured: Walkers Silencer R600 Rechargeable earbuds.

10: Otter Creek Labs Polonium

Another safety item, the Otter Creek Labs Polonium is another option for protecting your ears. This 22 caliber suppressor is from a company that is making waves in the industry and I enjoy following their progress. More than this though, the Polonium is one of the best hard-use oriented suppressors on the market in both durability and sound-reduction. There are many reasons to choose a suppressor for protecting your hearing over ear protection alone, but that’s a whole different article. This Polonium can will set you back less than many others on the market, but more than many of you want to spend on Timmy, so maybe consider giving them cash instead. Or give them cash regardless. Everyone likes Cash. Anyway, the price of the Polonium is around $550 depending on where you buy it.

Cost: $550.00

Shop some more HERE.

Pictured: Otter Creek Labs Polonium

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About the author: Riley Baxter is an avid and experienced hunter, shooter, outdoorsman, and he’s worked in the backcountry guiding for an outfitter. He also get’s a lot of enjoyment out of building or customizing his firearms and equipment. Check out Riley’s Instagram @Shooter300

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