Ann Coulter Blasts Media for Racial Bias in Active Shooter Coverage — Is She Right?

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In a recent appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter offered her controversial views on the media’s reporting of recent shootings, including the Super Bowl parade incident in Kansas City last week.

Coulter expressed frustration over the lack of information regarding the shooter’s identity, suggesting that if the perpetrator had been white, the details would have been quickly disclosed.

Coulter argued that the media tends to suppress information about the identity of shooters when they are not white.

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She cited the San Bernardino terrorist attack and the more recent shooting by a transgender woman at a Christian school in Nashville as examples where the media delayed releasing information about the suspects.

Continuing her critique, Coulter claimed that the media shows disinterest in cases involving black-on-black violence. She believes this lack of coverage is a significant problem, pointing out that incidents involving “pretty white girls” receive more attention.

Ann Coulter appeared on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."
Do you agree with Ms. Coulter? (Photo: Real Time)

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Furthermore, Coulter touched on what she perceives as a root cause of violence in the black community: the high rate of illegitimacy.

She argued that the absence of fathers plays a critical role in shaping young men’s lives and suggested that efforts to reduce the rate of illegitimacy, especially in the black community, would lead to significant changes.

Coulter concluded her remarks by stating that if the factor of illegitimacy were removed, the disparity in crime rates between black and white populations would vanish.

Coulter’s comments have sparked a mixture of reactions, with some applauding her for addressing what they see as media biases and others criticizing her for what they perceive as oversimplified and racially charged arguments.

With that said, what say you? Does Coulter have a point? Does the legacy media play the race game with active shooters?

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  • Billy M April 4, 2024, 11:06 am

    Of course she is right. Also, some sites such as Yahoo will not carry stories of mass casualty events if there was no gun used (i.e. person who stabbed 14 people)

  • Clint W. February 24, 2024, 8:44 am

    “…root cause of violence in the black community: the high rate of illegitimacy. ” The year was 1964, the Prez, LBJ, the new idea, “The Great Society”. When it went into effect, it changed all the rules on who qualified for welfare. The biggie in the new rules, a single mom, a fatherless home, would receive more money per kid. The US Govt, under the control of Democrats, basically said the father was a useless element in the home, in this case, the black home, and the flood gate for illegitimacy was opened wide. . Prior to this provision, the illegitimacy rate for the black family around 1960, was only 4% different than the white family, and in the less than 10% range. Now black illegitimacy is approx. 80%, white is in the high 30% range, and they all get more money from you and me. Jessie Ventura had the best comeback ever when he was Guvna of MN, after he was being yelled at by a single mom in a open forum, her complaint about the state of MN and its welfare payout to single moms. He fired back that the state of MN is not responsible for the poor choice of a man she spread her legs for.

  • Jim February 23, 2024, 12:17 pm

    Maher is not always an idiot, but he is always someone who will not follow up on stories to see what the outcome is. He deals with current news, and that is just about all. There is no inclination for follow up. His audience does not care about the details behind the news. They, like most Liberals and Dems, believe that if it is important, Bill will tell them.

    If you consistently follow up on news about innocent shooting victims, you will know that Coulter is correct. If perps are caught, but not identified, they are a minority, immigrant, or LBJTQ+. Some people want to know the details, some do not. There is a tendency for Conservatives to be more detail-oriented, while Liberals just don’t have time for details because they are too busy working on the next level of “progress”.

    That is why I enjoyed listening to Limbaugh, and listen now to Tucker, Ingraham, and Waters (Hannity is too self-involved, and interrupts his guests).

  • Randy February 23, 2024, 10:23 am

    We don’t have a free press anymore. What we have now are propaganda agencies for the Democratic Party or what is called the Communist Party USA. What the Democratic Party USA is pushing nowadays is not much different than what former communist countries such as the GDR (German Democratic Republic advocated. They want essentially a one-party system by bringing all these illegals to replace the existing Voting population because the existing population is no longer a reliable voting block for the party. The major Media outlets serve the same misinformation or propaganda value to the Democratic Party as Pravda served for the Soviets. You don’t this is happening here in the US now? Then why do you think people are leaving these Blue States in mass? The Dems started decades ago when they took control of our education system. When Carter created the Dept. of Education it started the decline of our Public Education System and the government led by so-called progressives. From that day on the US Education began its decline. When I was in the Navy 15 years after that happened the Navy had to give education classes because the recruits literally couldn’t read or do basic math and these were all from what used to be a great education system.

    The point is the public education systems have become nothing more than brainwashing institutions. I don’t why people are shocked that Institutions like Harvard have students threatening people who don’t advocate what they believe in. These students are being brainwashed with ideals from only one side. There is no free exchange of ideas as every time there is an attempt these people threaten the lives of those trying to speak up. People have drawn a parallel to what Hitler’s Brown Shirts did as he rose to power or a better comparison would be Mao’s use of young students so-called Cultural Revolution. These Young students went around communities denouncing and punishing anybody they even thought didn’t conform to Mao’s Red Book. This repression set back the country almost a century and in parts of the country, they still haven’t recovered.

    What I am trying to impress on everybody is that all our freedoms are at stake. The First and Second Amendments were just the first attacks on our freedoms. Now every part of our Constitution is under attack and people have to get involved. What the Dems are doing to Trump is a demonstration of what the Dems and the rest of the Deep State are doing to even regular citizens. The media or most of them are not even covering the reporting of the government abuses, which are even occurring at the local level. I used to be a supporter of the FBI. When I was young I used to watch all the shows and then as I grew up I found that although the Agency did some good it had accumulated so much power that they were abusing Americans just to gain more power. The FISA abuses are just the latest examples. These agencies want these powers renewed, but there are only a few in Congress questioning why they should studies have shown that the FBI alone has violated the FISA Law well over hundreds of thousands of times. Instead of spying on non-American citizens, they went after American citizens. This was revealed during the Russia Gate investigations. I read somewhere that if you give a government power is not if it will be abused it’s when. That’s why the Founding Fathers insisted on a small government.

    • Clint W. February 24, 2024, 8:50 am

      What we have are the descendants of Josef Goebbels and his propaganda machine, the modern ‘journalists’ media, TV, print, or internet, is the new version of ‘Das Reich’. A MSM that is gleefully destroying everything the Constitution was put in place to prevent, and i say gleefully because everyone of them is far left and have no idea what the word ‘objective’ means. There used to be only the 5 W’s of Journalism, and none of those W’s had a thing to do with expounding on the evil of the US and anybody that does not agree with the leftist agenda. This is probably why the old school journalists in Germany and Russia ended up dead, being replaced by those who only support the regime..

  • Kenny February 23, 2024, 9:07 am

    I applaud the lady for having the backbone to say the obvious. Most people are afraid they will be labeled a phobic which is exactly what the left wants. It’s time for all reasonable minded people to take a stand against the heretics!

  • tiptover February 23, 2024, 8:52 am

    That’s exactly the case…incentivize welfare to be paid only to families with a father and mother present in the household. Remove government support for “the Negro Project” ie Planned Parenthood. Allow economic options to break the cycle of poverty in Democrat “plantation cities” Chicago, Detroit, etc. It didn’t happen in a short while and would require dedication for a while to fix it but you have to start somewhere.

  • Ray Flaherty February 23, 2024, 8:36 am

    It’s the guns, Sheeple, it’s the guns. They shoot themselves. Just ask that two-bit actor, Baldwin.

  • Kane February 21, 2024, 10:34 am

    Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd shot a killed Ashli Babbitt (say her name) and his name was withheld for months. I seem to recall that Byrd was never interviewed during the “routine” investigation of the shooting of unarmed WHITE Female Veteran. Are there any examples of a WHITE Male shooting a Black Female and his name being withheld for months?

    There are many examples of WHITE Male Officers serving “no knock warrents and being tried in the press when they defend themselves from drug dealing couples shooting at them.

    Protecting the ID of Black shooters is just one example your Black privalege thriving in America. Good point for Coulter

    BTW, never trust this ugly lefty low life Bill Maher even if he at times seem somewhat reasonable.

  • paul I'll call you what I want/1st Amendment February 20, 2024, 5:42 pm

    the truth is evil bad

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