April’s Top 10 Most Controversial, Violent Defensive Gun Uses

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1. Shotgun-Wielding Homeowner Chases Down, Shoots Out Tires Of Fleeing Burglar

When Ohio homeowner Bert Leasure spotted a couple of crooks driving off with his precious ATVs, he wasn’t about to let them get away.

Leasure, armed with a shotgun and ready for action, relentlessly pursued Brandon Friedlein, 21, and Justin Adler, 23, through winding back roads. When the thieves realized they weren’t going to lose their mark they pulled over and tried unhitching the trailer full of ATVs.

That’s when Leasure took aim and blasted the suspects’ tires.

Friedlein and Adler drove on but were ultimately arrested by an officer who just happened to be in the area.

Sure, it would have been safer for Leasure to stay put and just call the cops, but in the end this determined homeowner managed to get his stolen property back, without incurring a bump to his insurance premium.

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2. Good Samaritan Fires On Carjacker, Saves Woman Clinging To Hood

A Georgia man with a gun quickly stopped would could have been a potentially fatal car jacking.

The good Samaritan was at the car detailing his car when a carjacker stole a woman’s car. The car owner, desperate to keep her property, jumped on the hood as the man sped away.

Like a scene out of a Hollywood action movie, the good Samaritan drew his concealed carry weapon, chased down the fleeing vehicle and fired a single shot, striking the suspect in the shoulder.

But the good Samaritan wasn’t done yet. After the car came to a stop and the woman was out of harm’s way he held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

Armed citizen -1

Carjacker – 0

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

3. SC Cop Charged With Murder After Gunning Down Fleeing Suspect

South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, 33, was arrested and charged with murder after fatally shooting a fleeing suspect in the back eight times.

Walter Scott, 50, was initially stopped for a broken taillight. Officer Slager claimed that Scott tried grabbing for his Taser during a confrontation, but video captured by a bystander, along with the dashcam video of the incident, paints a different picture.

North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Driggers stated Slager failed to follow department policy, but Slager’s lawyer argues that’s exactly what he did, assuring the public they will have a clearer view of exactly what happened once all the facts come to light.

Slager was denied bail and remains behind bars.

4. Cops Fatally Shoot Member Of Christian Band During All-Out Parking Lot Brawl

A parking lot brawl at an Arizona Walmart turned deadly after a member of the Christian band known as Matthew 24 gained control of a police officer’s gun.

The band, who were also family members, were fighting with a Walmart loss prevention officer when police arrived.

During the all-out brawl one of the band members grabbed an officer’s gun and shot him in the leg. In the ensuing chaos, police fatally shot one of the band members.

The band continued fighting against the police officers but were ultimately arrested.

For the record, Matthew 24 speaks of the destruction of the Temple and signs of the end times.

5. Armed Mechanic Saves Friend, Shoots Craigslist Robber

Craigslist is an incredible invention that allows for some truly epic deals, but the inherent anonymity behind the site lends itself to scammers and crooks.

Take 26-year-old Florida native Jeffrey Tryone Smith for example. He’s a serial Craigslist robber with a lengthy rap sheet.

Smith managed to lure a buyer and his friend to the house where the supposed car was for sale. But instead of pulling out the keys, Smith pulled out a knife.

He stabbed the buyer in the stomach and ran towards to the buyer’s friend, who just happened to be armed with a handgun.

The buyer’s friend opened fire and hit Smith, stopping him in his tracks.

The victim and Smith were transported to an area hospital. The victim was listed in stable condition, but Smith clings to life.

If Smith does manage to survive he’ll face multiple charges, including attempted murder.

6. 80-Year-Old Man Fatally Shoots Home Invader

Garret Heath Halbert may be advanced in age, but that doesn’t mean he’s not fully able and willing to protect what’s his.

The-80-year-old Texarkana man was home with his wife when a man burst through the front door.

Halbert was armed with a handgun, but the home invader struggled to disarm him. During the altercation Halbert fired once, striking the crook in the chest.

When police arrived they found the suspect lying dead on the carpet.

Halbert was taken to the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.


7. Harrowing High-Speed Chased Ends In Fatal Shootout

Frank Ernest Shephard III led Houston police on a high speed pursuit before ultimately wrecking his car and being fatally shot.

During the chase, Shephard called 911 and warned dispatchers that he had a child in the car, threatening to cause harm if police didn’t back off.

After smashing into a car in an intersection and skidding out of control, Shephard exited the vehicle. Police drew down on Shephard and when he reached into his car they opened fire.

Police later learned there was never a child in the car.

8. Rape Victim Turns The Tables On Suspect

A 37-year-old Alabama woman woke up around 3 a.m. to the sound of several men breaking into her home.

Three men ransacked her home and raped her, and while two of them left, one stayed behind to inflict further harm.

The last remaining suspect repeatedly pistol whipped the woman and demanded money. Despite the violence, the woman kept her calm and told the home invader that her neighbor was in possession of her cash.

When they arrived at the neighbor’s house the woman yelled for help.

The neighbor, armed with a handgun, came outside. The crook fired two warning shots into the air, but the neighbor responded by firing a single shot into his chest.

The wounded suspect fled on foot but collapsed moments later. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

The woman was transported to an area hospital where she is expected to make a full recovery.

9. Corrections Officer Fatally Shoots One Inmate To Save Another

A California corrections officer at the Kern Valley State Prison resorted to deadly force during an altercation in order to save one inmate from several others.

Two inmates ganged up on a single inmate during a violent fight. The assailants beat the inmate until he was unconscious and while the corrections officer tried to break it up, his efforts were initially unsuccessful.

The corrections officer fired a warning shot form his Mini-14, and when the inmates refused to back down the corrections officer took aim and shot inmate Jose, E. Herrera, 27, in the chest.

Herrera and the inmate who was beaten were transported to an area hospital.
Herrera was pronounced dead and the other inmate’s condition was unknown.

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10. Game Warden Fatally Shoots Fisherman Who Tried To Drown Him

An Oklahoma game warden was forced to use deadly force during a routine fishing license inspection after a fisherman attempted to drown him.

The conservation officer approached a group of men who were fishing along a rural pond. While validating their licenses he discovered that one of the men, Billy Joe Patrick, had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation.

That’s when things went south.

Patrick resisted arrest and attacked the officer and during the altercation the men fell into the pond, where Patrick held the officer’s head under water.

The officer fought his way to the surface and fatally shot Patrick.

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    I am thinking the “Christian” band (no doubt sola-scriptura non-denoms) should have read and internalized Matthew 25:31-45….

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    ” April’s Top 10 Dumbasses Who Got Themselves Shot Dead ” would be a more appropriate headline.

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