Benelli with Updated Rifles and Shotguns for Hunting in 2022

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Benelli with Updated Rifles and Shotguns for Hunting in 2022
Benelli is adding a handful of updated rifles and shotguns for hunting in 2022. (Photo: Benelli)

Benelli USA is expanding three popular lines of rifles and shotguns for 2022 including the Super Black Eagle 3 and the Nova lines of shotguns and the recently added Lupo series of rifles. The updated models feature new finishes and new configurations.

First up is the updated Super Black Eagle 3 lineup. Benelli is adding two new patterns to the series with a combination of Cerakote finishes and Optifade camo prints by Gore. All of the new SBE 3 shotguns will be offered in 12- and 20-gauge.

Designed to fit specific hunting environments, the shotguns have either a Patriot Brown Cerakote finish with Marsh camouflage or Tungsten Cerakote with Waterfowl Timber camo print. The finishes give them an edge in concealment and durability.

Benelli with Updated Rifles and Shotguns for Hunting in 2022
The updated SBE 3 is offered in two patterns in 12- and 20-gauge. (Photo: Benelli)

All of the SBE 3 models feature Benelli’s proven Inertia Driven System, Comfort Tech 3 adjustable stocks, a recoil-absorbing Comb-Tech cheek pad and 28-inch Crio barrels and chokes. Price across the board is $1,899.

Benelli is also adding a 20-gauge Nova Turkey model to their catalog for the Spring. This has the same long 24-inch barrel as the 12-gauge model, but offers hunters a lighter, lower-recoiling option.

Even with the long barrel, the 20-gauge version only weighs 6.5 pounds dry. Like the 12-gauge Nova Turkey, the 20-gauge model has a full-coverage Mossy Oak Bottomlands finish.

Benelli with Updated Rifles and Shotguns for Hunting in 2022
The Nova Turkey is now available in 20-gauge. (Photo: Benelli)

Other Nova features include a one-piece receiver and an overmolded stock design for strength and simplicity. It also incorporates a magazine cutoff to let hunters cycle the action without automatically loading another shell from the magazine tube.

The Nova Turkey 20-gauge is competitively priced at just $559.

Rounding things out from Benelli are six new patterns of Lupo bolt-action hunting rifles. They use Benelli’s BEST physical vapor deposition and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, a colored protective surface treatment, with Gore Optifade camo in field and mountain patterns.

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Chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester and .300 Winchester Magnum, these rifles have either a matte black BEST finish paired with Optifade Open Country camo or a Labrador grey BEST finish matched with the Optifade Elevated II pattern.

The Crio-treated free-float barrel uses a hardened steel barrel extension bedded to a steel block within an alloy receiver to deliver precise and repeatable accuracy. The Lupo rifles shoot sub-MOA with appropriate ammo.

Other features include a top-mounted ambidextrous safety, a two-piece Picatinny rail for optics, and an adjustable stock. The suggested retail price for the new Lupo rifles is $1,899.

For more information about these and other Benelli products, head over to their website today.

Benelli with Updated Rifles and Shotguns for Hunting in 2022
The Lupo is also getting a BEST finish with added camo. (Photo: Benelli)

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  • Chuck February 4, 2022, 4:49 am

    Love the Benellis but same ol same ol….whilst Retay is shaking up the market and giving an over-the-top quality shotgun for a bit less than the Benellis. And with the onslaught of turkey hunters now using what I consider “the great equalizer” (TSS) they should cater more to that area….IE SHORT BARREL 24″ or better yet 22″ , a pistol grip , and the picatinny mount incorporated directly into the receiver, as mossberg did with their new turkey model….lengthened and polished forcing cones oversized safety, bolt release, and charging handle…and MOST of all, all the above in a 20 gauge!!! I was lucky and snagged up one of the 24″ barrel models before they made them a “performance shop” only option. And while Rob does a great job, its just simply not 3k worth of shotgun there. Again, I do love the majority of my Benellis, but would love to see a bit more angled towards the turkey hunter.

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