Beretta’s PX4 STORM — SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024

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We got to see the Beretta PX4 Storm G-SD 9mm pistol at SHOT Show 2024. This new model, born from a collaboration with Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT), showcases expert engineering.

Beretta PX4

As it marks its 20th anniversary, the firearm builds on the success of the PX4 series, known for its distinct features and solid performance.

Beretta 9mm

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The Beretta 9mm PX4 Storm debuts a heavy contour profile rotating barrel action. This design not only boosts durability and accuracy but also significantly cuts down on recoil. Users get a smooth shooting experience, much like using a pistol equipped with a compensator.

Beretta Sights

For improved functionality, the PX4 Storm offers enhanced controls.

These include a carry-style Type-G de-cocker and an oversized mag release, enabling quick and effective handling. The refined double-action trigger contributes to a lighter, smoother pull, which aids in both accuracy and control.

The pistol features textured rubberized grip tape for a firm hold, ensuring confidence with every shot, even under tough conditions. The Beretta PX4 G-SD comes with a high-viz orange front sight, a black rear sight, two 17-round magazines, and an extra 20-round magazine.

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Priced at an MSRP of $875. For more details, visit the website.

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  • Charles R January 25, 2024, 9:40 am

    Beretta is way superior to Glock in many ways.
    Love my 2009 PX4 Storm full size in 9mm.
    Will outshoot just about all other handguns i have owned.

    This pleases me.. Glock … meh !!! just a big block in your hand and no where near as accurate as Beretta’s or HK’s..

  • Jim January 23, 2024, 6:11 pm

    Too bad it’s not legal in the State of WA.

  • Chris January 22, 2024, 11:55 am

    I’ll keep my glock.

  • David January 22, 2024, 8:24 am

    The LTT Compact Carry is about as perfect as an EDC could be for my DA needs but….Whoa, when did LTT start selling that flat trigger??? I bought LTT triggers for two of my PX4s last year and they are the classic Beretta style. I gotta look into this new one. By the way, I have the papa, momma and the baby PX4s and love them all as my own children! What an amazing line of soft and accurate shooting pistols. They really are an innovation that keeps giving after 20 years on the market. I’d love to see a new generation of this model from Beretta with more of the LTT optimizations, including a factory milled RMR cut and a boresight stippling job on the frame – especially on the subcompact. I love my chunky little baby but it needs some modernization, starting with a rotating barrel (if that is even possible in such a short barrel).

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