Blackwater Worldwide Launching Sentry Mag-Fed Pump-Action Shotgun

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Blackwater Worldwide Launching Sentry Mag-Fed Pump-Action Shotgun
The Blackwater Sentry pump-action shotgun is headed to dealers. (Photo: Blackwater)

Blackwater Worldwide is officially announcing the modernistic AR-style Sentry pump-action shotgun for self-defense and the shooting sports. The Sentry feeds from detachable magazines, has a 5+1-round capacity, and is shipping now.

The Sentry is very sleek and lightweight. Unlike many AR-style shotguns available today, the Sentry isn’t bulky and weighs just 6.5 pounds dry. It’s a 12-gauge shotgun and chambers both 2-3/4- and 3-inch shells.

It uses a slender 21-inch extruded alloy monolithic receiver with an anodized finish and a 17-inch long 12-o’clock Picatinny rail for optics and accessories. The receiver is ventilated along the handguard like a heat shield.

Blackwater Worldwide Launching Sentry Mag-Fed Pump-Action Shotgun
It’s lightweight and relatively compact. (Photo: Blackwater)

The Sentry has a fixed stock with a compact 12-inch length of pull, including the thick rubber buttpad, and a molded polymer grip assembly with a slim, more vertically angled pistol grip. It’s an all-black design with a nitride finish on the steel components.

While the ejection port is fixed on the right side, the Sentry sports fully ambidextrous controls including the safety selector, magazine and bolt release. These are positioned in the same place as they are on ARs to maintain a similar manual of arms whether using the Sentry or a rifle.

The Sentry has three sling attachment points at the rear, a traditional sling slot and two quick-detach sling points on either side. Internally the shotgun uses standard AR-15 trigger components and can be used with many aftermarket fire control parts.

Blackwater Worldwide Launching Sentry Mag-Fed Pump-Action Shotgun
Each comes with two 5-round magazines. (Photo: Blackwater)

The shotgun is very easy to field strip for cleaning and maintenance with a single push-pin holding things together. With the pin removed the grip assembly can be removed from the upper and the forend, carriage and bolt come out as one unit.

As configured the Sentry has an 18-inch barrel with a fixed cylinder bore and ships with two 5-round magazines. Down the line Blackwater expects to offer different length barrels as well as firearm braces to suit different roles.

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Hopefully, in the future, they’ll also have larger magazines although five is a good start and helps to keeps things lightweight and balanced. Magazines are polymer and run just $20, making them plenty affordable. Color-coded mags are available separately.

The Sentry itself isn’t too bad, either, with a suggested price of $899. Typically real-world and online pricing is less than MSRP although in today’s hot market prices are running a bit high, so if you’re interested and can find one the deal probably won’t last very long.

So if you’re hunting for a light, easy-to-use, compact and handy pump shotgun, the Sentry might just be the thing for you. For more information about these and other Blackwater firearms, visit the company website.

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  • scott goodman October 2, 2020, 5:01 pm

    A bayonet lug would be welcome.

  • Fal Phil October 2, 2020, 11:10 am

    How in the world is this “AR style”??? It has no similarities to the AR with the exception of being fed by a box magazine. Even the pistol grip is not like that on an AR.

  • Singleshotcajun October 2, 2020, 9:54 am

    The older I get the more I see the wisdom of a 20 gauge. Guys @ 6.5 .lbs this is going to hurt. When I was younger I loved recoil the more the better not so much anymore. These days my house gun is a 20 gauge pump. Wish More manufacturers would make defensive 20 gauges.

  • Thomas w Donohue October 2, 2020, 7:46 am

    Hopefully it is not like the Black water ammo you can not buy .Last time I checked you could only buy some stupid watch and other retarded swag .

    • Area52 November 2, 2020, 2:06 pm

      Reminds me of the time I bought a Sig Legion 229. To my recollection their was a code in the box that the buyer could send in via website to gain access to the “Legion buyers only ” section of SIG’s website that has all the Sig Legion merch. I signed up for it in order to get the free carry case and Sig Legion coin that comes with the purchase of a SIg Legion, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was signing up for the Dork of the Month Club.

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