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SHOT Show 2024

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SHOT Show 2024 just got hotter with Burris showcasing their latest thermal riflescopes. Josh from Burris introduced the BTS V3, a cutting-edge scope featuring a 35 mm objective. This exciting new scope marks Burris’ entry into 640-core optics, equipped with a 12-micron pixel pitch.

The BTS V3 stands out with a 15-hour battery life, backed by hot-swappable 18650 batteries for continuous operation. Priced at $4,200, the scope combines high-end technology with durability and precision. Burris also offers a 400×300 resolution model to cater to different preferences.

Burris’ new clip-on thermal.

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Josh also presented a versatile clip-on thermal scope, a seamless addition for ARs or hunting rifles. Burris provides smart clip adapters separately in various sizes to ensure compatibility.

The clip-on features a 400×300 resolution, a Cyber Core processor, and a practical dual battery setup with USB rechargeable options and hot-swap functionality. With a 12-micron pixel pitch, this innovative clip-on scope is available for $3,200.

Both the BTS V3 and the clip-on thermal scope are slated to be available in about a month.

For more information and to keep up with the latest updates, visit Burris’ website. Also, stay tuned to GunsAmerica for in-depth reviews and more exciting content from SHOT Show.

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  • Papa Bear February 13, 2024, 4:16 am

    That clip on is sweet. Gonna take me more than a month to save up the cash for that thing. So….. I’m gonna start saving right now. Man, I feel like a kid in a candy store!!

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