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Gift guide for mom this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This guide is intended to give your loved ones an easy list to consider for mom. These are products that my wife or I have actually used and have experience with.

AK-47 Guide to Mounting Optics

Upon first glance, a red dot sight or scope looks hard to mount. Luckily, there are a lot of methods available that can be used to mount modern optics to your AK securely. Optics can enhance shooting, but require reliable mounts.

A SCAR and MP5 SBR sit in a truck seat.

A Christmas Wishlist: 5 Guns You Should Gift To Yourself

We can’t rely on our significant other to pick up on the not-so-subtle hints that we’ve been dropping all year. So, Why not grant your own wishes by giving yourself one, or all, of my favorite guns using your hard-earned cash?

Mini-14 Hack: Samson A-TM Folding Stock and Hannibal Rail

Mini-14 Hack: Samson A-TM Folding Stock and Hannibal Rail

Admit it. We all have had a Ruger Mini-14 in our past lives. The classic wood and blued steel Mini-14 helped whet our appetite for 5.56 caliber semi-automatic rifles pre-AR-15 days.

AK Buyers Guide

AK Buyers Guide

While new weapons platforms are constantly in development, the AK-47 pattern rifle has withstood the test of time and proven that old designs still have their place in the modern world.

10 Second Muzzleloader Reload!  – Answer to “The Second Shot”

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes I intend to get the bullet into the barrel within 10 seconds, for heaven’s sake!  Not the whole process of reloading. And honestly on the video, it took me 15.  But compare that to a plastic dump tube muzzleloader reload kit that you would buy at Walmart or Cabela’s. This [...]

3 - The Civilian Defensive Rifle - Part 2 The Build

The Civilian Defensive Rifle – Part 2: The Build

Warning: M&M’s, Reeces Pieces, and all chocolate-based candies should never be stored in your Magpul grip or stock during summer matches.  Despite the candy coating, they will melt. 

3 - The Civilian Defensive Rifle - Part 1 New Gas Length

The Civilian Defensive Rifle, Part 1: New Gas Length

Last year I was talking with master barrel maker Paul Craddock of Craddock Precision about Projekt 457. He mentioned a new barrel and gas system he had created specifically for SBR length-suppressed AR-15s. It sounded perfect for the Civilian Defensive Rifle and I was intrigued.

Midwest Industries 10.5" Combat Rail

Midwest Industries 10.5” Combat Rail

Midwest Industries has been around for a while and they have been consistently offering reliable products at a competitive price. Their 10.5” combat rail has just been another continuation of that legacy, and I have had a great experience with mine being installed on my primary AR over for over 2 and a half years.

Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrels

Helix 6 Precision Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrels

Accuracy was the number one goal Jon had when he created Helix 6 Precision. And although Beagle must be cautious about sharing his manufacturing process, the high carbon-to-resin ratio is part of the magic.