Optics Buying Guide

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There are a plethora of scopes on the market. How do you find the right balance of quality, features, and price?
What are some of the things to consider when choosing a higher magnification scope?

Optics Buying Guide: Big Scopes

There are at least three main categories of AR optics, red dot, fixed power scopes, and high-magnification scopes. Which do you choose?

Optics Buying Guide: AR-15 Optics and Scopes

The precision of even an 8 MOA red dot sight is matched with the accuracy of most handguns.

Optics Buying Guide: Holographic and Red Dot Optics

A laser-enabled scope like this Burris Eliminator allows you to place a perfect long-range shot without taking your eye off target.
To find range to your target, you could make use of technology and use a scope with integrated laser rangefinder like the Burris Eliminator (bottom.) Or, with some basic math, you can use a scope with a graduated mil-dot or MOA reticle like the Burris Veracity (top.)

Optics Buying Guide: Finding Range With A Scope

The test rifle for these examples was a Volquartsen 17 WSM Deluxe with a Burris Veracity 4-20x50 scope.
These Burris XTR Signature Rings have various inserts that allow you to "ramp" the scope for long-range shooting.

Optics Buying Guide: Scope Mounts

Different objective lens sizes should be compatible with magnification of the scope. Left to right: Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm, Burris XTR 2-10x42mm, and Burris Veracity 4-20x50mm.

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