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TX Pizza Deliveryman Fatally Shoots Customer

The driver arrived to deliver a pizza. His two supposed customers had guns and demanded money.

Amazon Driver Fatally Shoots Teen Carjacking Suspect

A 17-year-old boy was fatally shot in Ohio earlier this month after carjacking an Amazon delivery driver. 

Texas Property Owner Charged for Murder of Man Who Jumped a Fence…

According to an early statement from Sheriff Ed Gonzalez on X, there may have been two suspects. They jumped the fence and one was shot by the property owner. The other supposedly left.

Two Hunters Killed By ‘Zombie Deer’ Disease?

So no, zombie deer disease does not in any way have to do with eating brains. Rather, it is a highly contagious mutation that is 100% fatal. 

A handgun rests on a tan backdrop.

Maryland Homeowner Shoots Burglar

A homeowner shot a man last week in Maine when the man was caught breaking into the home. 

‘Heroic’ 85-Year-Old Woman Takes Down Home Invader with Her .357

Investigators say her home was chosen because Condon knew she would not be able to get help. He intended to prey on the fact that she was old and alone to steal from and potentially murder her. 

WATCH: Attacker On NYC Subway Gets Shot With His Own Gun

A shooting from last month where a man was seriously shot on a New York City subway is being deemed a self-defense case by attorneys. 

Man Parades In Bar With Muzzled Wolf

Patrons of a bar in Sublette County, WY were going about their business on February 29. Imagine their surprise when a man walked in towing a live muzzled wolf. 

Home Invaders on the Run After Accomplice Is Shot By Homeowner

I would be shaken up if someone broke into my home and I would absolutely try to defend myself. Imagine having it happen again the next night too. 

Suspect Breaks Into Two Homes, Shot By Homeowner

At around 2 a.m. Monday morning, the intruder, who appeared to be intoxicated, broke into an apartment. The small apartment was attached to a main home.