CCI Clean-22 Segmented HP 22 WMR – SHOT Show 2020

CCI Clean-22 Segmented HP 22 WMR - SHOT Show 2020

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Designed to provide pin-point accuracy and be hell on small varmints, CCI’s new-for-2020 Maxi-Mag Segmented HP 22 WMR ammo uses an exclusive polymer bullet coating to reduce copper and lead fouling in the barrel. Because zero residue is left behind, cleaning sessions are reduced and accuracy is increased.

Upon impact, the load’s 46-grain segmented hollow point round splits into three equal-size pieces, which triples the number of wound channels.

More wound channels mean more trauma and a quick, clean kill. Also pleasing is the fact that the splitting bullet reduces the risk of penetration through the target, which adds an element of safety.

Another icing-on-the-cake benefit of the polymer coating is bullet separation at lower velocities at shorter distances than traditional 22 WMR ammo. Though the round leaves the muzzle at 1,875 fps, speed will drop with each passing yard.

CCI Clean-22 Segmented HP 22 WMR - SHOT Show 2020
The 46-grain bullet, upon impact, splits into three equal-sized pieces to create more wound channels.

Optimized for precision accuracy, the HP 22 WMR features dependable CCI priming and propellant, which leads to what CCI is calling “flawless cycling.”

The Maxi-Mag Segmented HP 22 WMR is available in a 50-count box and wears an MSRP of $18. The ammo will be available in the spring of 2020. 

CCI Clean-22 Segmented HP 22 WMR - SHOT Show 2020
This piece of ballistic gel shows the round in action.

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  • John January 29, 2020, 5:03 pm

    Hopefully this won’t get banned for possible body armor penetration!
    All squirrels here wear that! 🐾🐾

  • Randy January 29, 2020, 10:29 am

    CC I makes some of the best,if not the best rim fire ammo available. Imo. Absolutely love their “stinger” in 22 lr. I’m anxious to try some of these new magnum rounds on what are referred to as sage rats.

  • ALVIN CHEEK January 29, 2020, 10:13 am


  • Will Drider January 29, 2020, 2:26 am

    Red Mist trifecta!

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