Century Arms SBR AK Variants — SHOT Show 2016

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Century International Arms, well-known as an importer and manufacturer of AKs, is now featuring three brands under the Century Arms umbrella: Red Army Standard (RAS), Canik USA and Century Battle Gear.

At Shot Show 2016, Century introduced two new variants of their popular milled AK rifle, the C39v2 and the RAS47.  Both variants are factory short-barreled rifles (SBRs).  Century is also launching a suppressor line under the Red Army Standard Brand.


Shooting the new Century Arms AK variant, SBR.

Shooting the new Century Arms SBR.



Shooting the new Century Arms AK variant, SBR.

The Magpul stock expands nicely, but compacts and folds.


At range day this year, Century also debuted, under the Canik USA brand, its first competition pistol – the new TP9SFx, in addition to the new TP9SF, without a de-cocker.   Needless to say, the engineers at Century have been very busy.

The new SBRs will be available from Century in an NFA-compliant format. Chambered in 7.62  x 39 mm, they will feature either a 10.6 or 12.4-inch long barrel option.  The barrels have a 1:10 twist and are ready for a variety of muzzle attachments to make the addition of a suppressor that much easier.

The C39V2 SBR will have the milled 4140-ordnance-quality-steel-nitride-treated receiver coming in at an overall weight of 7.95 lbs. The RAS47 SBR will have a 1/16” stamped 4140-stee- nitride-treated receiver with an overall weight of 7.6 lbs.  Apart from these two differences, both variants will have all the same features.


Century SBR AK.

The SBR still has a full length gas system. In all, it is more compact than a typical AK, but not as tiny as some AR builds.



Century SBR AK

The new side-lock system for mounting optics.


Attached to the left side of the receiver will be a new, proprietary Century-designed scope rail that works with a two-piece optic mount.  An added bonus is the bolt hold-open notch on the safety selector that allows the operator to manually hold the bolt back to show a clear chamber.

Short-barreled Rifles Specs:

  • Caliber:  7.62 x 39mm
  • Barrel Length:  10.6” or 12.4”
  • Overall Length:  29” or 31”
  • Weight:  7.6 lbs to 8.2 pounds depending on the version


  • RAK-1 enhanced trigger group
  • Standard AKM sights
  • Accepts all standard AK magazines
  • Comes with one 30 round Magpul magazine
  • Comes with a Zhukov-S stock, MOE AK pistol grip and Zhukov handguard
  • Entirely 100% American-made

The TP9SF, TP9SFx and the Century suppressor are all available now.

However, the SBRs are expected to become available in March.  The pistol versions of the SBRs (without the stock) will start around $800, whereas the C39V2 SBR will MSRP around $1,149 not including the $200 NFA tax stamp.  The RAS47 will sell for a bit less than the C39V2.  Fans of American-made Kalashnikovs will have a new carbine added to their wish list come March of this year.

Fans of the Canik have something to celebrate, too. Century is now bringing in the whole line. They had a couple of new variants at the show this year, but the most impressive was this competition-minded version of the TP9.


Century Pistol

The slide is milled for optics, and ported for weight reduction.


Century pistol

We put a few magazines through the gun and likes how it ran.


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  • michael February 2, 2016, 1:15 pm

    as for the ak’s the lh looks like a milled receiver with the large scooped depression and the rh looks like a stamped receiver due to the smaller scooped depression. this comes from what experience i have about the ak. am i right are is there a new version of milled receiver? correct me please. i’m curious.

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