Colt’s King Cobra 10-Shot Revolver & 4-Inch Anaconda — SHOT Show 2023

Colt's King Cobra 10-Shot Revolver & 4-Inch Anaconda -- SHOT Show 2023

Colt’s King Cobra line now has a 10-shot cylinder, a first of its kind from Colt.

Coming chambered in .22 LR, it’ll make for a less expensive shooting experience and it’ll be less punishing on the paws due to the minimal recoil.

Colt's King Cobra 10-Shot Revolver & 4-Inch Anaconda -- SHOT Show 2023
Front fiber optic sight and drilled rear adjustable sight.

The Colt King Cobra Target .22LR features the classic Colt revolver look with a stainless steel finish and King Cobra leaf spring action for a smooth and effortless trigger pull.

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It’s fitted with a front fiber optic sight, an adjustable rear sight, a Hogue rubber monogrip for added comfort and has a recessed crown to protect the barrel from damage.

You’re sure to have a good time practicing or plinking with this revolver.

Shipping now. Find more info at MSRP $999

Colt's King Cobra 10-Shot Revolver & 4-Inch Anaconda -- SHOT Show 2023
King Cobra Target .22LR in 4.25″ or 6″ barrel length
Colt's King Cobra 10-Shot Revolver & 4-Inch Anaconda -- SHOT Show 2023
The 4-inc Anaconda.

Previously available in 6″ or 8″ options, Colt’s Anaconda is now available in a 4″ barrel configuration.

The Anaconda has a bulked-up and oversized frame for strength, ventilated rib slots, stainless steel finish, leaf-spring action for super smooth trigger pull, adjustable sights for elevation and windage, a recessed crown for barrel protection and over-molded Hogue grips.

Colt's King Cobra 10-Shot Revolver & 4-Inch Anaconda -- SHOT Show 2023
Recessed barrel.

With the .44 Magnum being a bit of a handful the over-molded Hogue rubber monogrip provides a comfortable hold for extended shooting sessions. The grip features ergonomic palm swells and finger grooves, providing increased control and accuracy when firing.

Colt's King Cobra 10-Shot Revolver & 4-Inch Anaconda -- SHOT Show 2023

Going out to dealers now. The MSRP $1499, “Go beat your dealer up!” LOL.

Find more info for Colt Revolvers HERE

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  • David F Holifield February 2, 2023, 8:25 pm

    Interesting new Colts. Mr. DeMello should be a writer with his expertise. With technology & MIM no need for handcraftsmanship of the old days? Being a oldie i’ll put my pre29 w/coke bottle grips S&W .44’s fit & finish against Mr. DeMello’s newbie. Just hit a nerve…

  • PANTEXAN February 2, 2023, 1:46 pm

    Where is the range report?
    The article is worthless without reporting on how it shoots. Is it accurate, reliable, ease of reloading, recoil, drawing?

  • W D Amrein February 2, 2023, 1:30 am

    How about a 2.5 inch stainless Diamondback? Perhaps in .327 Federal.

  • Eric DeMello February 1, 2023, 9:41 pm

    People whining saying these things are cheap, I’ll stick with this brand or that brand. Well, you guys do that. How about you go get a poor man looking Charter Arms or Taurus. I own 5 of these newer Colt generation revolvers now and they’re better than all 14 Smith & Wesson’s I own and both Ruger’s I own. The action, the trigger, insanely smooth. The fit and finish is out of this world great. The attention to detail is perfection out the ass. I put my GP100 next to my Python and it’s just night and day the difference in workmanship. People have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. This is 2023 people, not 1973. With the C&C machining, technology, we have now we do not need the hand fitting from 50 years ago. Knocking on Colt with all this false negativity with no life or something insanely wrong with you. Go Colt!! Keep rocking it with all these great classic firearms you keep bringing back better than ever. Just wish you would have made that King Cobra in 22 magnum.

  • Jim February 1, 2023, 5:47 pm

    I’ll stick with S&W. Thanks.

  • Steve B February 1, 2023, 3:46 pm

    Yeah , Good Luck With That!

    What a way to tarnish a once Great Name… I checked out the new Python last week… Major Disappointment ! I’ve owned one since the late 80s.. Woo Hoo polished Stainless! Not even close to the previous revolvers! Trigger Sucked! I’d rather buy a Taurus

    • Scotty Gunn February 1, 2023, 6:43 pm

      I bought one. Trigger sucks. I have to send it out and spend about $250 to make it like a first generation Python.
      Still cheaper than a 1st gen, plus if I beat it up carrying hunting,etc, it won’t be a crying shame……

    • Brett K. February 17, 2023, 9:23 pm

      Anyone who writes a comment like yours has never even seen a Colt Python in person, little alone owned one since the 80’s. But go ahead and buy a Taurus because after your 3rd-grade level post everyone is already laughing at you.

  • Boca Jim February 1, 2023, 2:51 pm

    The close-up photo of the barrel crown on the .44 Magnum version shows the most horrid job of metal cutting I’ve ever seen. Shame on Colt/CZ for doing such poor quality metal work right out in the open. Wonder what the inside of the lock work looks like, metal shavings?

    • Eric DeMello February 1, 2023, 9:48 pm

      It’s probably just gun powder & grease. Mine look like that a lot of times too and a few swipes with the cloth and it’s smooth as glass looking.

  • Mike in a Truck February 1, 2023, 12:23 pm

    With the economy dripping into the sewer nothing will get any cheaper. I might as well score one now to go along with my GP100 22 LR.

  • BRF February 1, 2023, 11:51 am

    Two new Colts that once again are not available in Kalifornia thanks to continued Democratic infringement of the Second Amendment.

  • tom February 1, 2023, 11:18 am

    4″ Anaconda new? I’ve had one for 28 years. Love the gun

    • Eric DeMello February 1, 2023, 9:14 pm

      The new ones are bigger and better. Larger frame & cylinder, better metal materials, way better finish, smoother action, better trigger.

  • Max Norton February 1, 2023, 11:09 am

    I’m going to go broke! I love my six inch Python so much, I had to go get one in three inch for better conceal carry. Then I just had to have an Anaconda in eight inch. I guess the King Cobra in 22 will be next!

  • MeSeaHunt February 1, 2023, 10:28 am

    what a WASTE of production time and money!!!!!!!!!

    • Hondo February 1, 2023, 10:46 am

      It’s only a waste of money if you purchase it at that ridiculous price tag.

  • Dennis C Krech February 1, 2023, 10:25 am

    Are you offering 45 Long Colt in the anaconda also?

  • Louis February 1, 2023, 6:34 am

    Hello, first time I read an article from you, welcome. Nice revolvers but have you shot any of these ? While Colt’s revolvers are nice looking I always found the Python style (older model) grip-trigger relationship rather uncomfortable for my hand, as if they were made for the largest “paws”. As I have a rather average size hand for a man, I never had a satisfactory shooting session with a Python, but maybe these new models are a bit different.

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