Custom Colt Pythons From Empire! — NRA 2024

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At NRAAM 2024, GunsAmerica stumbled upon a relatively new player in the firearms scene—Empire.

This innovative company is giving classic Colt Pythons a serious upgrade. They’re not just slapping on a new coat of paint; they’re adding custom rails, muzzle brakes, and unique grips to these iconic revolvers.

One standout model showcased was a completely brass version, which is not just a looker but also packs some serious heft.

A Colt Python with a rail and muzzlebrake.
One of Empire’s Colt Python’s at NRAAM 2024.

According to True, who got hands-on with the brass beauty, it’s so heavy that firing a .357 hot load might feel more like a .22 due to the reduced recoil.

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The added muzzle brake is a nice touch, practically eliminating kickback while boosting the gun’s aesthetic.

Empire isn’t just sticking to brass. They offer a sleek black model priced around $2,100, and the customization options don’t end there.

Customized Colt Python from Empire.
Prices vary depending on the mods.

From optic-ready versions to various finish choices, the possibilities are extensive. Customers can either send in their Colt Python or directly order a customized version from Empire. Click HERE to learn more.

So, is this heavy beast a hit or a miss? Would you buy one of these revamped Pythons?

Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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  • HKGuitar May 28, 2024, 1:28 pm

    IMHO, the Original Colt Python was and still is the design style all others are judged by.
    The Python is both beautiful as well as masculine, not sure why anyone would want to change or hide that.
    To each their own, I’ll take my Python just as it left the Colt factory.

  • N. From Arizona May 27, 2024, 12:14 pm

    Take the most beautiful Revolver ever made and throw some gaudy colored picatiny garbage on it with some ugly grips and you have what? A gun that looks like a Barbie toy put together from legos. Who would like this? If you want a purpose built competition revolver, buy one. This is near sacrilege, like the Taylor 1873 Winchester clone in 9mm they show on another clip. I’m all for new technology, but the classics are better served as they were originally designed.

  • Farm May 27, 2024, 12:04 pm

    Should be ugly Colts from empire. Take one of the if not “the best” designed revolver ever and throw some both on crap to it a d you have what? A ruined Icon. No thanks.

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