CPRC Reveals Decline in Rifle Use in Murders Post-Assault Weapons Ban

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Recent analysis of FBI crime reports by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) has shed light on the declining role of rifles in firearm-related murders since the expiration of the federal “assault weapons” ban in 2004.

Despite widespread concerns about so-called “assault weapons,” rifles constitute a surprisingly small fraction of murder weapons — a trend that has decreased over time!

Prior to the ban’s initiation in September 1994, rifles were used in 4.8% of firearm murders. During the decade of the ban (1995 to 2004), this figure showed a negligible increase to 4.9%.

However, following the ban’s lapse, the percentage of firearm murders committed with rifles dropped to 3.58%, and further to 3.86% when examining the immediate ten years after the ban’s conclusion.

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Watch Dr. Lott’s recent interview with Ann Coulter.

Statistical analysis confirms that the average rate of firearm murders involving rifles post-ban was significantly lower than during the ban.

This finding was determined using a two-tailed t-test with a 0.0001 percent level of significance. Conversely, comparisons of rates before and during the ban revealed no statistically significant differences.

The downward trajectory is consistent even when considering the proportion of total murders committed with rifles. These findings suggest a disconnect between public perception and actual crime statistics regarding the use of rifles in violent crimes.

This data-driven perspective from the CPRC offers a new angle on the ongoing debate about “assault weapons.” Kudos to Dr. John Lott and his team for putting it out there. To support the CPRC, click HERE.

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  • Kane February 17, 2024, 6:30 pm

    From 1994-2004, the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994” included a provision sometimes called the “Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act.” This act held that any new manufactored rifle that had more than three features of the following; a semi-automaic capabilty, flash hider, bayonet lug, pistol grip, telescoping stock, grenade launcher or detachable magazine would be banned for at least a 10 year period SO, there were AR15’s without the threaded barrel for a flash hider, no bayonet lug, some fixed thumbhole stocks or whatever the 3 combo limit would allow beig sold during those 10 year before the “sunset” language of the bill could be voted on once again. The assault style rifles sold in that 10 year period were no less lethal than ones before or since. Most of the feaures were cosmetic and all were in common use.

    It should be remembered that the Dems saw an opportunity in the 10 year sunset aspect were the expiration of the ban would be a political opportunity in 2004 and the sellout Bush 43 verse Commie bootlicker Kerry campaigns. It should also be remembered of the indelible link between the Clinton Crime Bill and the ban on certain firearm features. The groups claiming a drop in firearm deaths might not know of the details 30 years ago that make those claims absurd or they figure the American public is ignorant of the facts.

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