Dark Energy’s POSEIDON PRO Indestructible Charger – Tested

The POSEIDON PRO is available in camo (shown) or black.

Dark Energy makes a product that every shooter, hunter, prepper, traveler, and outdoorsman needs in their pack: the Poseidon Pro Indestructible Charger. 

It’s a charger that stores and holds a charge for 3 years! It will charge or power phones, radios, Ham radios, GPS’s, tablets, laptops, Night Vision, thermal optics, cameras, weapon-mounted lights, chronographs, shot timers, flashlights, and just about anything that takes a rechargeable battery. 

The POSEIDON charger is in the middle and those are just a few examples of things that it will charge.

I’m personally committed to buying things from 2nd Amendment friendly companies. So many of the tech companies are anti-gun and are actively trying to take our rights by donating money we spend with them to candidates that don’t support the Constitution. Dark Energy is a shooting, hunting, and Second Amendment supporting company. I actually met the owner at the Dallas Safari Club in 2020 and he’s a great guy. 

Not only is the charger small, lightweight, and well designed, it’s also waterproof with an IP68 rating which means it can be submerged at 6 feet for 45 minutes and be fine. 

It’s also tough, it can take 50 ft drops onto concrete or withstand 1000 lbs of crushing force. The mil standard toughness rating is 810g and is due to it being armored. 

The charger has a 10,000 MAH battery rating and can put out up to 18 watts for charging things like laptops which is pretty incredible. It also has all the latest fast charging stuff for your phone. According to Dark Energy, 10,000 MAH is enough for 36 hours of power on a phone, 10 hours of power on a tablet, and 5 hours of power on a laptop. I get about three charges on my Samsung Galaxy S10 when I’m off-grid.

The model I have comes with a high quality steel reinforced braided nylon USB-C cable wrapped in 20 feet of 550 lb paracord. It also comes with a Carabiner/multitool for attaching to packs or for hanging.

The charger has a built in flashlight, USB C in/out as well as regular USB.
Push that button to turn on the light.
Push that button to check the battery level.
The green LED lights tell you how much battery is left. It’s fully charged.

According to the website it’s used by the US Army, Special Forces, and the DEA.

I’ve been testing the Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Indestructible Charger for about 5 months and it has been tough, reliable, and really handy.

There’s a lot of information on the Dark Energy website so check it out to learn more by clicking HERE.

MSRP $109.99

About the author: True Pearce is the Managing Editor at GunsAmerica. He’s a competitive shooter, hunter, instructor & attorney. You can see and follow his adventures on Instagram. @true1911 https://www.instagram.com/true1911/

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