Dial-able Precision with Accu-Tac’s Hydraulic Bipod — SHOT Show 2023

This bipod has a hydraulic dial that fluidly adjusts the elevation.

Accu-Tac has made a “concept car” in a bipod. This as-yet-unnamed bipod includes all the features Accu-Tac builds into their quality bipods, and adds something a little over the top.

It’s got their quick-deploying legs that flip up out of the way, and their Picatinny or Arca attachment head. It also has skids instead of rubber feet to allow big-recoiling rifles to move backward instead of bouncing; this can help keep the shooter in the scope to watch the impact.

It’s all machined from 6061 aluminum. Accut-Tac has several models that incorporate these features at various price points.

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The basic functions of the bipod appear solid, but that red column under the rifle mount is what sets this bipod apart.

The big deal about this bipod is that red column under the rifle mount. It’s a piston that moves up and down with a dial that sits on the table.

Each 180° turn of the dial raises the piston 19mm. This precise adjustment should allow a shooter to make minute adjustments to the rifle’s elevation without shrugging their bodies around and should lead to greater precision.

These skids allow the rifle to move backward with recoil, rather than bouncing as rubber feet may do.
This dial uses hydraulic pressure with oil in the hose to raise the rifle mount.

This unnamed monster bipod has a stance up to 27″ wide and weighs less than 4 lbs.

Accu-Tac’s monster-pod will be available later this spring with an anticipated price tag below $800.

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  • vhunter January 24, 2023, 12:38 pm

    Interesting idea but not practical for anything but shooting from a fixed position on a bench. Shooting gear costs are getting a little out of hand and raw skill is giving way to more and more gadgets. Won’t need a bipod when the laser guided bullets are developed.

    • Retrocon January 27, 2023, 10:18 am

      Laser guided bullets, or maybe squeezing the beanbag under my buttstock seems to do the same thing?!?

      Maybe this thing is cheaper?

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