Dillon’s New Progressive – RL1100 – SHOT Show 2019

Once set up, all you do is set the bullet, and pull the handle down to seat.

The well-known reloading parts and equipment manufacturer Dillon, is releasing a new progressive this year, due out by late spring. For more information, visit Dillon.com Dubbed the RL1100, Dillon representatives say it’s an upgraded version of their earlier model, the RL 1050, which they are going to discontinue. The 1100 comes with a roller bearing instead of knuckle system for smoother operation and comes in all standard calibers for pistol and rifle cartridges. MSRP 2000.00 More details and specs to post soon at Dillon’s website but weren’t available yet at the time of this posting.

A look at the roller bearing system that replaces the knuckle for easier operation.

For more information, visit Dillon.com

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About the author: Jordan Voigt is a lifelong passionate outdoorsman. He has been blessed to hunt in numerous countries and several different states, as well as having worked for outfitters in Montana and Alaska as a camp jack, packer, and guide. He lives in Montana with his beautiful wife and is busy teaching his two sons about the outdoors and chasing the next adventure. You can follow him on Instagram @jordan.voigt

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  • Michael Christensen February 7, 2019, 4:47 am

    Looking at buying a reloading press. Any info would be great. How does the dillion 1050 or this newer version compare to the RCBS rock chucker 7? Any info would be great.

  • Johnny Glass February 5, 2019, 2:23 pm

    Big Blue, big shoes to fill, I really can’t believe they’re discontinueing the 1050!
    I will be interested to see the new Dillion.

  • Pat J February 5, 2019, 1:03 pm

    I have a Dillon 550. Had it for decades. I keep track of numbers of reloads by holding on to primer flats and tallying at the end of each year. After 100,000 rounds, I sent my press back to Prescott, where it was disassembled and overhauled and returned to me in a new factory box at no charge. First rate outfit-Dillon.
    Dillon presses, Redding dies, M1 Garand, ’99-7.3 Powerstroke(356K), ’98-Jetcraft Yukon, my wife: they keep going.

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