Fat Mac .950 JDJ Triumphs at RIA Auction!

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Rock Island Auction (RIA) Company’s February Sporting & Collector Auction, held at its newly inaugurated Bedford, Texas venue, made headlines last week with an extraordinary display of big bore firearms.

Taking center state on Day 1 of the three-day auction was the sale of the colossal “Fat Mac” .950 JDJ, an unusual and massive firearm, which fetched an impressive $99,875!

The .950 JDJ, nicknamed “Fat Mac,” wasn’t the only highlight. Its slightly smaller counterpart, the 14.5 JDJ, also exceeded expectations by selling for $21,150.

JDJ's big bore rifles were up for auction at RIA.
Would you drop $100K on a Fat Mac? (Photo: RIA)

The event, broadcasted to firearm enthusiasts, showcased an array of military and sporting arms, including notable pieces like Winchesters and Colts.

But as mentioned, the spotlight was on “Fat Mac,” a 61-pound firearm sitting in a McMillan-esque style stock, with an eight-chamber muzzle brake and a giant Krieger bull barrel. This extraordinary gun, one of only a few in existence, was designed for shoulder-fired artillery-like power.

JD Jones, a legend in cartridge development and barrel making, was the brain behind the .950 JDJ’s design. This massive round, fashioned from a 20 mm Vulcan Cannon round, delivers a staggering 38,000 foot-pounds of force, nearly triple that of a 50 BMG.

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Joining “Fat Mac” in the auction was the 14.5 JDJ, another of Jones’s creations. Despite its smaller size, this firearm still packs a significant punch with its 1,173-grain projectile, delivering about 19,000 foot-pounds of force.

A JDJ .950 vs a 556.
A .950 round vs a standard 556.

Both guns, exceeding the 50 caliber mark, required ATF exemptions for sporting purposes.

The auction highlighted the craftsmanship and innovation in firearm design, offering a unique experience for collectors and enthusiasts to view and even handle these rare guns.

The event also emphasized the thriving interest in firearm collecting and the continued success of RIA in bringing exceptional pieces to the market. In total, RIA realized $7.7 million in sales. The next RIA AUCTION is scheduled for May 17-19th.

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  • LJ February 23, 2024, 8:04 am

    I bought my first SSK product, a 12″ SSK 45.70 Contender barrel from JD back in the early 80’s and had a chance to speak with him personally over the phone. What an interesting fellow and a pleasure to chat with! I still own several wildcat barrels of his and enjoy shooting them to this day!

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