Forward-Charging AR By Bilson Arms — SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024

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At SHOT Show Range Day 2024, we got an exclusive look at Billson Arms’ latest offering, captivating enthusiasts with a twist on the AR platform.

The Bilson Arms BA15 FC, a forward-charging AR, steps away from traditional designs, promising a sleek operation without the rear charging handle.

Pump style AR
Patent-pending forward charging system.

This groundbreaking design seals off the back, eliminating gas leakage—a common annoyance for AR users, especially those running suppressed.

Bilson Arms AR

The front charging feature not only enhances the firearm’s functionality but also simplifies clearing malfunctions.

With a simple pull, the BA15 FC readies to fire, making it a breeze to handle even in the heat of action.

Pump Style Handle
Sleek pump handle.
No rear charging
Sealed in the back.
AR Platform
The Bilson Arms BA Platform.

What sets the BA15 FC apart is its compatibility with any mil-spec lower, ensuring that AR owners can upgrade without compatibility concerns.

Moreover, Bilson Arms takes pride in its commitment to quality, with every component, from pins to springs, being 100% American-made. The upper, lower, and handguard system, all crafted from billet, underscore durability and precision manufacturing.

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Bilson Arms AR in different confirgurations
Also available in the BA-9FC.

For those curious about pricing, the upper component of the BA15 FC carries an MSRP of about $1,150. Considering the innovation and craftsmanship, the price point offers value to those looking to enhance their AR experience with American-made quality.

Find out more and other models they offer go to Bilson Arms.

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  • Richard February 9, 2024, 8:17 am

    “Forward Charging”… Click bait

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