Fully Customizable 1911s from Hyperion Munitions — SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024

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At the 2024 Staccato Range Day, we caught up with Frank from Hyperion Munitions. They were showcasing their latest creation: a brand new Generation 2 1911. This new model isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a testament to Hyperion’s commitment to quality and customization.

The partnership between Oriskany Arms and Hyperion Munitions has borne fruit in the form of this refined 1911. Frank explained that while the Generation 1 model was solid, they didn’t hold back in enhancing the Generation 2 to the highest quality possible.

The key? A fully machined process using cutting edge CNC equipment, ensuring that each gun is crafted with precision.

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But what really sets this 1911 apart is its vast customization potential. Hyperion Munitions handles all the frame, slides, and barrels in-house, giving them extraordinary control over the final product.

Customers can choose from various finishes, ranging from basic black oxide to a mirror finish gold plating. The company even offers custom laser engraving.

For those interested in designing their own 1911, Hyperion recommends contacting their sales team to guide customers through the entire process. The model showcased, a 4.25-inch commander in 9mm, is priced around $1,700 SRP.

This high-quality firearm is made in the United States, specifically upstate New York. For more information or to explore the options for building a customized 1911, visit Hyperion Munitions’ website.

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  • Harry January 30, 2024, 8:26 am

    Will this come in 38 super automatic with long slide?

  • Harry January 30, 2024, 8:24 am

    Will this come in 38 super automatic ?

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