GunsAmerica and Celerant Partner to Streamline Online Sales on the Marketplace

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Dealers can connect on-hand products directly from the point of sale to the oldest online marketplace for firearms

Iselin, N.J. (Feb. 28, 2024)Celerant Technology, a preferred retail software provider for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), announces a new partnership with GunsAmerica. GunsAmerica is the oldest and first online marketplace for the sale of firearms, accessories, gear, and more. The integration enables Celerant’s FFL dealers to automatically connect on-hand inventory from the point of sale, streamlining product listings and increasing online sales.

“We’re excited to partner with Celerant, as our first POS system integration,” stated Chris Linville, COO of GunsAmerica. “This move streamlines inventory management for dealers by automating inventory listings on our platform, eliminating manual effort, and enabling sellers to showcase in-store merchandise directly on the marketplace. It’s a step forward in our mission to simplify online firearm sales, making it easier for dealers to expand their reach, and offer customers a broader selection.”

List Merchandise Automatically on the GunsAmerica Marketplace

Dealers can expand their customer base and boost sales by selling on the popular marketplace, while saving time as a result of the new integration. The listing process is simplified, by sending in-store inventory directly from the dealer’s POS system that GunsAmerica then makes available for sale. This connected inventory automatically updates listings on the marketplace when a dealer sells a product in their store. This helps dealers eliminate manual effort and ensures listings stay up-to-date.

“Our goal at Celerant is to help our retailers save time and be more successful by using technology,” stated Ian Goldman, President and CEO of Celerant. “Our new partnership with GunsAmerica is another way in which we are doing exactly that. We continue driving success for our retailers by enabling dealers of all sizes to sell more online effortlessly, regardless of whether they have their own eCommerce website.”

Sell More New and Used Products on the Marketplace

Within Celerant’s POS system, dealers can mark the firearms as new or used, and describe the condition. The product data, including on-hand counts are then continuously sent directly from the point of sale to the marketplace, without the dealer having to send this information manually. In a future version, Celerant’s retail software will also pull back the orders, helping fully automate the process.

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About GunsAmerica:

Founded in 1997, GunsAmerica is the oldest operating online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading firearms. Product listings from merchants and private sellers on GunsAmerica allow buyers to purchase from dealers and sellers nationwide, while also listing the local details of the seller. They make it possible for people to find deals across the internet and right in their own backyard.

About Celerant Technology

Celerant has supported the archery and outdoor sports industries since 1999 with innovative retail software, enabling dealers to expand their business in-store and online. As a preferred software provider for the ATA, NSSF, NRA and NASGW, Celerant provides point of sale, eCommerce, distributor integrations, A&D/e4473, range and membership management, marketplace integrations, and more. For more information, visit

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