Hellcats Are Coming to California!

Hellcats Are Coming to California!
Hellcats are heading to California! (Photo: Springfield Armory)

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Springfield Armory has announced a significant expansion of its market into California.

For the first time, California residents will have access to the company’s award-winning Hellcat and Hellcat Pro series of handguns.

The Hellcat: A New Standard in Micro-Compact Firearms

The Hellcat is known for its impressive 10+1 9mm capacity. Despite its small size, the Hellcat is designed to accommodate a variety of optics, making it a versatile choice for everyday carry.

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Its compact design doesn’t compromise on firepower or reliability, offering an ideal balance for personal defense.

Hellcat Pro: Blending Performance and Concealability

Joining the Hellcat in Springfield’s California lineup is the Hellcat Pro. This model merges the performance features of a full-size handgun with concealability.

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The Hellcat Pro boasts a 3.7-inch barrel and includes an accessory rail, making it adaptable for various accessories. Its design focuses on a blend of power and discretion for concealed carry.

XD-M Elite 4.5″ 9mm: Coming Soon

Further expanding their offerings, Springfield Armory also announced the upcoming release of the XD-M Elite 4.5″ 9mm in California. This model features a hammer-forged barrel and the innovative META™ (Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly) system.

The XD-M Elite is praised for its ergonomics and intuitive, user-friendly design, ensuring reliable performance in a range of conditions.

Springfield Armory’s expansion into the California market with these models is a significant move, offering residents new options for personal defense and concealed carry.

Each model brings unique features and Springfield’s commitment to quality and performance, marking a new chapter for firearm enthusiasts in California.

Learn more at SpringfieldArmory.com.

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  • Terry Story November 24, 2023, 7:18 pm

    A Hellcat pro seems like the perfect size and capacity for concealed carry to me, but I question what Springfield Armory had to do to qualify it for California sale? Does it have a frame mounted safety? Does it have a magazine disconnect? Is it limited to ten rounds when it is capable of fifteen? Those are questions that in my opinion may make or break a choice to purchase it. Do they advertise it as a “California compliant” firearm? Does anyone have the answers?

  • Lewis November 24, 2023, 8:10 am

    Like we sheep should be great full to have the choice of firearm. End the roster!

  • Kane November 22, 2023, 11:46 am

    OK, but what is going to happen to Springfield Armory in Genesio IL? Governor Jay Bob Pritzker wants to spread his un-Constitutional bans to every other state and become the next POTUS.

    Maybe the Commander in Chiefs should be required to pass all military requirments including a fitness test.

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