Hornady Precision Lab Scale

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Grand Island, NE (June 6, 2024) – The Hornady Precision Lab Scale is the ultimate tool for reloading enthusiasts who demand absolute precision. This scale, designed with cutting-edge features, boasts a lab-quality load cell and offers a .01 grain readout to redefine measurement accuracy. With a capacity of up to 3,000 grains, it caters to seasoned professionals and dedicated hobbyists.

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The Hornady® Precision Lab Scale allows users to choose between high and low sensitivity modes, providing flexibility for optimized accuracy. Its easy calibration process simplifies setup, letting users focus on achieving unparalleled precision in every reload. The scale’s versatile modes, including Compare, Percent, and Count, facilitate seamless transitions between functions to meet specific reloading needs.

Beyond its technical features, the Hornady® Precision Lab Scale embraces a fusion of technology and tradition, ensuring precision becomes a reality with each reload. The scale’s meticulous data management, including a print-to-spreadsheet function, allows users to analyze and optimize their reloading process in real time.


  • 3,000 grain capacity
  • High and low sensitivity
  • Easy calibration
  • Compare, percent and count modes
  • Print to spreadsheet function

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