Introducing the CDX-X145 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle — SHOT Show 2024

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Cadex just unveiled the CDX-X145, the latest design in anti-material sniper rifles, boasting a chambering in 14.5x114mm. This formidable rifle delivers an impressive payload, especially when coupled with match-grade ammunition, enabling it to hit targets at extreme distances. PBM ammunition will be making monolithic 1100 grain projectiles with a tungsten core and ABS tip for shooting to 3,000 yards and beyond.

One longstanding challenge in the field has been the scarcity of quality ammunition in the 14.5x114mm caliber. However, a strategic partnership with two renowned ammo makers has successfully addressed this issue. These collaborative forces now offer a diverse selection of ammunition capable of piercing some of the most robust vehicle armors in use today.


The CDX-X145 features an Xtreme chassis platform crafted from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum billet. The reverse folding stock mechanism incorporates a free-play adjustable hinge system, ensuring stability over time. The new X-series (tool-free) fully adjustable buttstock and neoprene cheek rest enhance user comfort.

A 20 MOA top rail, with an optional NVD bridge adds versatility. Additionally, the M-LOK fore-end allows for the adaptation of various Picatinny rails and accessories. The unique recoil absorption bipod system minimizes muzzle rise, improving tracking and speed for follow-up shots. The carry handle is necessary for a 44.75lb stripped rifle. It is mounted at the rifle’s balance center, and adds a practical touch to its design.

M-LOK slots and carry handle are both incorporated into the CDX-X145.


The Bartlein 2.200″ straight taper fluted match-grade barrel, equipped with single-point cut rifling technology, lays the foundation for the CDX-X145’s accuracy. The 8-groove, 40-inch long barrel extends its range application. Also, the new MX3-ST muzzle brake design effectively reduces the recoil of this monstrous caliber.

My buddy Riley holding up this 14.5mm cannon!


Designed to accommodate the SSSF 4-round magazine (MAGI45), the CDX-X145 offers a range of accessories, including the Falcon bipod, ski feet, ELR bag rider, and scope mount. Notably, the rifle does not include a riflescope, leaving room for users to select their preferred optic.

14.5x114mm on the left, .338 Lapua Magnum on the right.


The new CDX-X145 custom-grade bolt action repeater, constructed from 416 stainless steel, features a 2.400″ diameter receiver. The DLC-coated 4-lug spiral-futed bolt, with a 50° bolt throw, helps with swift and reliable operation.

The ¼ turn tool-free bolt disassembly facilitates easy access to the firing pin. The ambidextrous 3-position safety lever on the shroud and the DX2 Evo single/double stage convertible trigger are solid controls that help improve the users interface with this rifle.

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Massive bolt and 4-lug system to operate the CDX-X145.


The rifle is not only a powerhouse but also built to last. Its Cerakote non-reflective coating adds a touch of style but also adds a layer of protection from corrosion .

The CDX-X145 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle was by far the most impressive firearm I saw during my time at SHOT show. Being chambered in 14.5mm or a .57 caliber round, this rifle is most likely classified as a destructive device despite the Cadex representative telling me it should be available for civilians along with the ammunition for it.

However with an MSRP of $16,500, those without endless government budgets will be hard pressed to afford it let alone the price for ammunition to feed it.

Nonetheless, the CDX-X145 presents a formidable addition to the world of long-range precision anti-material weaponry. For those looking for a solid ELR contender, or another option in our ever changing world, this rifle should be able to get things done.

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  • SLM February 8, 2024, 11:47 am

    Did some just make a .46 cal?

    • Jon B Swift February 9, 2024, 12:47 pm

      Are you thinking of the CheyTac Intervention 200 in .408?

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